NS Preview – Going with the flow in Rhythm Paradise Megamix (3DS)

Rhythm Paradise Megamix Preview 3DS

Have you ever found yourself standing at the bottom of some steps when pineapples start bouncing down towards you? You feel obliged to catch them of course, drawn in by the rhythm of the bouncing… Or, perhaps, you’ve found yourself plucking hairs from a range of vegetables? A catchy tune plays and you can’t help but pluck along to the same rhythm… Or, maybe badminton is more your thing? Whilst flying a plane? Hitting the shuttlecock back and forth to your cat buddy who is also flying a plane, alongside you?

No? Me neither. See, I’ve not played a Rhythm Paradise title before now. But I’m sure some of you are thinking ‘Yes, I’ve done these things plenty of times, there’s nothing odd about any of this.’ After all, ‘Rhythm Paradise Megamix’, to give it it’s full title, is just what it sounds like; a collection of the best of previous games in the series. All mixed together. Featuring over 100 mini-games from the Wii and DS titles, as well as some never before released in Europe games from the Gameboy Advance ‘Rhythm Tengoku’.

Rhythm Paradise Megamix Preview 3DSThe premise is a simple one; the game is your chance to test your rhythm against a series of rhythm-based challenges – mini games that see you tapping the screen or pressing buttons in time with the music. It’s all about listening, concentrating on the rhythm and letting yourself go with the flow. I quickly found myself tapping my feet, nodding my head and reaching for that volume control – whatever it takes to ensure success. Each mini-game features a different graphical style, character, scenario and tune and games range in difficulty as you progress through the levels. Punching rocks in time with the beat is nice and easy; jumping over or ducking under blocks whilst surfing along on a hover board to an unfamiliar song, not so much.

Tying all the games together, gathering them up into groups of four different ones that you must take on at a time, is a basic story featuring Tibby, an alien that’s crash landed on earth. Beating games will let you progress through different themed lands, helping our hero on his way back to Rhythm Heaven. Along the way you’ll meet a whole host of different characters, where beating mini-games is all it takes to help them out; restoring missing equipment in an empty garage, gathering ingredients in a busy kitchen or fulfilling a desire for some nice big donuts. In return the door is opened for you to move on to the next equally diverse, random location.

How you perform in each game determines your reward, which comes in the form of coins. And you’ll soon realise that gathering as many of these as possible is the order of the day as you’ll need these to pay gatekeepers – bosses if you like, that offer their own challenges, with the option for you to chose your own difficulty level. Want a nice easy mini-game with less risk of failure? It’s going to cost you plenty of those hard earned coins. Hard mode will cost you less, but at your own risk.

Rhythm Paradise Megamix Preview 3DS

You’ll soon be re-playing mini-games to get yourself some more coins when you realise that not only do they come in handy for helping you progress, but they’re needed to buy new games, as well as memorabilia. With more coins to be earned every time you play each mini-game you’ll surely be going back to try again to guarantee you manage to get hold of the music track and Japanese lyrics for all of them.

When things get a bit tricky and you find yourself unable to score enough points on a mini-game, the new Super Guide mode will prove itself a useful addition. This arrives in the form of a visual metronome guide on the touch screen and can prove vital in indicating exactly when the button needs to be pressed to follow the rhythm. I have already found myself needing to use this on more than one occasion and this helping hand feels essential, especially as you can’t play the next mini-game until you pass the one you’re playing. A questionable approach perhaps, when all mini-games could have been unlocked from the start, split into category themes, rather than as they are, grouped into stages with no obvious links between them.

Rhythm Paradise Megamix is a quirky little title, highly anticipated and bursting with content. Challenge mode adds to the variety, allowing up to four players to take on the mini-games under new conditions. StreetPass also plays a part, giving you the opportunity to play against others for a chance to win more coins. The often forgotten 3D effect of the 3DS is used effectively in mini-games, adding to the overall play experience too.

Rhythm Paradise Megamix Preview 3DSEveryone should look forward to what promises to be a fun, challenging highlight in the 3DS release calendar in this last quarter of 2016. If you want to try Rhythm Paradise Megamix before it’s release next month head on over to the 3DS eShop now to download a free demo. And don’t drop those pineapples.

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