NS Monthly Most Played – September 2016

October is upon us, a month of autumn leaves, spoopy customs, and a surge in pumpkin related beverages taking Instagram by storm. Here at Nintendo Scene we have another Monthly Most Played article just for your reading pleasure, so you can indulge in our highly fascinating opinions while sipping away on your New-Super-Mocha-Frappe-Latte-Pumpkin-Spice-Fetidcino-U. Buckle up, buckaroos.

Mätti’s Monthly Most Played
On 3DS this month my top spot goes to none other than the very latest Sonic Boom game, of which I’ve reviewed here. 2nd place is taken by DoA:D once again, but hot on it’s trail is Pokémon: Alpha Sapphire, a reboot of the beloved Game Boy Advance games. For Top Secret reasons I’m not allowed to go into (here, take this link and run, before they see us together RUN) I’ve been grinding away and rekindling some of my love for this series. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were a slight step back in terms of content for the main Pokémon games, removing additions set out by it’s previous instalment (X & Y), but given this was intended to be a remake of an existing piece it’s understandable. ORAS boasts vibrant visuals, magnificent music, an expansion in content, and more freaking Pokémon than your Battle Box has room for. It’s been a wonder watching the staggering evolution the Pokémon series has taken, from the clunky and pixelated days of RBY, to the upcoming Sun and Moon games dancing tantalizingly on the horizon.

On Wii U, to everyone’s surprise, my top spot has gone to Splatoon. Again. Just ink my squid up, Nintendo.


Reuben’s Monthly Most Played

Seems like the kind of individual you could trust your children with

With my Wii U still not plugged in, I don’t think I need to mention at this point that I haven’t been playing the console at home. I did get to play Mario Kart 8 and Smash for Wii U at StreetPass Brighton this month though, which has reignited my love for both of them; also I’ve remembered I have unplayed games on my Wii U that I should really get around to playing while I have time left this year!

My 3DS, however, has got a lot of love this month owing to two massive time-sinks taking up a lot of my free time. Firstly, Dragon Quest VII is still taking up a lot of my gaming time in general. The plot and characters are so engrossing, the world so stunning, and the mechanics so undeniably solid that I’m struggling to put the game down (for more information, check out my review right here on Nintendo Scene). The other game I’ve been plugging significant time into is the Phoenix Wright Trilogy; having finished the first game (review incoming), I’m now well into the wonderful second game, taking on Prosecutor Franziska von Karma and her eschewed versions of “perfection”. I’ve also been playing a certain Disney title to review, but more about that later.


Conor’s Monthly Most Played
My gaming time on my 3DS this month was mostly committed to Metroid Prime: Federation Force. I wrote an analysis quite recently so won’t discuss it further here. Instead, my second-most played is probably StreetPass Racer! That probably tells how little I’m playing my 3DS more than anything, but for what it’s worth StreetPass Racer is the best StreetPass game I’ve played to date. It’s persuaded me to always have my old 3DS on so that I can be getting several hits a day, purely to have another race. It’s still impossible to complete all of the race missions without earning stat boosts by passing several players at once, so there is still motivation to go out and get more hits. Also, thanks Nintendo for finally adding a ‘speed up’ option in the StreetPass Plaza. That was long overdue.

On the Wii U, Paper Mario: Colour Splash is the closest to beating Splatoon this month, but a review from me will be posted shortly. Instead, let’s talk about that DLC pack for FAST Racing Neo, one of my darling indie hits from last year.


The new tracks are a real treat, offering diverse courses in various environments. Iceland is an intense run across a long, snaking tube of road that racers can strafe 360 degrees around, complete with small spider-like mechs. Kuiper Belt is a course in outer space with the aesthetic design of a pipeline roller coaster, complete with lit-up tunnels and hazardous, burning meteoroids. New Zendling and The Haze are winding courses located in delapidated, almost dystopian futuristic cities. The Haze in particular is a dastardly challenge, as strong fans omit gusts of wind that will force many racers off the track.
There are eighteen new songs too, with each vehicle now owning a theme tune for its profile page. You can pay what you want for the whole soundtrack here. The DLC is only £4.20 for UK players, which I feel is a very good price for what you’re getting. I’m very happy that Shin’en have continued to support their fantastic game, and I’d love to see more futuristic racing from them in the future. Nintendo have been supportive, and this will hopefully mean bigger and better things for Shin’en on the NX. We shall see!


And that ends another Monthly Most Played from us at Nintendo Scene. What do you think of the games here? What have you been playing this month? Drop us a comment below, or tweet me @MattiasMay. Thanks for reading!

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