Nintendo Switch Unboxing and Preview

Nintendo Switch Unboxing and Preview

This week we were lucky enough to get our hands on our very own Nintendo Switch. Our big thanks go out to Nintendo UK for sending us one this early. You can check out our unboxing video below, as well as some photos of the kit. There are more over on our Facebook page.

And what a beautiful bit of kit it is. All packed up neatly there in little bags in it’s rather nice, matte finish, brightly coloured box. Everything has it’s space inside as you’ll see; from the two Joy-Cons, the dock, the Joy-Con straps, Joy-Con grip, power and hdmi cables and the console itself.

The console itself feels solid, thin, potentially a little vulnerable – it’s not something I want to drop for sure. The screen clarity is lovely, and the UI is a smooth, clean, uncluttered affair. If perhaps a little underwhelming – there’s not much to see or do on the console just yet. Create a blue haired Mii, sure, choose a Nintendo character themed profile pic, definitely. But, with no eshop to visit, no news to read, no built in games to play, I’m keen to see what the day one update will do when I’ll be allowed to add friends, link my My Nintendo account and fill that row of empty game icon panels with download titles.

In hand the Joy-Cons feel, well, small. Perfectly formed but, small. Tiny, tiny buttons, tiny analogue sticks, my fingers naturally pressed on the corner L/R and ZL/ZR buttons. Held horizontally, who knows if I can rest my fingers on these buttons like this without unintentionally pressing them. With straps attached they feel better, certainly the intention here, but the straps themselves are somewhat difficult to remove. Not a process that I want to be repeating over and over.

With a very satisfying click each Joy-Con snaps perfectly into place on the sides of the Switch console. This ‘hand held’ mode feels perfect. Just the right weight, just the right grip position. Snap the Joy-Cons onto the Joy-Con grip though, and I’m not so sure. It’s feels light, my hands are perhaps a little close together. And my right thumb doesn’t feel like it can glide comfortably from buttons to analogue stick and back again. I’m not sure it’s in the right position – something I could get used to I’m sure, or perhaps an argument to get hold of a pro controller straight away for Breath of the Wild.

And finally, the Nintendo Switch dock. It feels about the same weight as the Switch itself, yet is mostly hollow, with space inside to plug in cables. It’s got a nice finish, it’s got a useful light that glows when actively connected to the TV and it’s small enough to be carried about easily too. When sliding the Switch in to place inside it’s guided into position with the help of two pegs either side of the USB C connection. Very helpful.

I can’t wait to rip open the box of my very console when it hopefully arrives on Friday (I’ve got two preordered, just in case!) and get playing with this thing. To get lost in Breath of the Wild, in TV, hand held and table top modes, for family and friends fun in 1-2 Switch (yes, I think it should have been a pack in game, but hey ho) to join the Splatoon 2 test fire in a few weeks time, and to revisit Mario Kart 8 in it’s Deluxe form. I for one can’t wait for this new era of Nintendo gaming, and having the Switch in my hands right now just makes it all the more exciting.

Are you looking forward to receiving a launch day Switch on Friday? What features are you looking forward to the most? Comment below or tweet @wesearp and let me know!



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