Splatoon 2: E3 Exhibition Tournament Announced

Nintendo of America has announced that a pre-release exhibition tournament for Splatoon 2 will take place at E3 in June.

The announcement was made on Twitter yesterday.

This will be the third time in four years that Nintendo has hosted a special competition at the hype-filled expo. 2014’s event included an entertaining Super Smash Bros for Wii U tournament that featured pro players and special guests. 2015 saw the return of the Nintendo World Championships (US-only mind you). Splatoon was the first game played there.

No details have been revealed at the time of this article. It is unclear who will participate in the tournament and how it will be formatted, but it’s very likely that well-known personalities will take part in order to entice a wider audience. Hopefully some top Splatoon players will be involved too.

Nintendo has been exploring competitive Splatoon in recent times; a British summer tournament in 2016 was followed by the European ESL series, which came to a close with the April grand finals after six months of tournaments.

In America, Nintendo partnered with Battlefy in October for the Splatoon Showdown Series.

Battlefy are also hosting the U.S Inkling Open. The qualifying event took place on 22nd April, with the online finals due to happen this Saturday (29th). Interestingly, the winning team will earn tickets to E3 itself. Whether they will be involved in the exhibition tournament remains a mystery.

For now it’s all speculation, but what do you hope to see at this event? New maps? Weapons? Game modes?

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