Splatoon 2: E3 Tournament to Feature Top Teams from 4 Regions

Nintendo has revealed its plans for E3 2017, and the main focus is undoubtedly Super Mario Odyssey.

However, there’s more exciting news on the Splatoon 2 invitational tournament, which will take place on June 13th. Unlike the Nintendo World Championships, the ‘World Inkling Invitational’ will truly be a world competition as four teams will be competing, each representing their own region.

The Japanese Splatoon Twitter posted some details, as well as the UK Splatoon Facebook page.

The four teams are all champions of regional tournaments.

Rising Moon will be the European representatives, having won the ESL grand finals in Paris at the beginning of April.

The Japanese team will be “Dyna Meu”, victors in Japan’s second national Koshien.

The winners of the recent US Inkling Open were offered an E3 ticket as a grand prize, so it’s almost certain that Deadbeat will be the home team.

Blue Ringed Octolings, winners of the 2017 AUNZ Cup, confirmed on their Twitter page that they will be representing Australia & New Zealand.

While the World Inkling Invitational is quite exclusive with only four teams, it’s significant that teams from across the globe are coming together to compete at the largest annual event in the games industry. It essentially means that the first ever Splatoon 2 tournament will be a worldwide offline competition.

Here’s a summary of the qualified teams:

Europe: Rising Moon
Japan: Dyna Meu
AUS/NZ: Blue Ringed Octolings

It’s bound to be an exciting contest, and it will all be streamed live on Nintendo’s channels.

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