E3 Week 2017 – The Nintendo E3 2016 Conference, One Year On …

Welcome one and all to the kick off of #NSE3Week 2017 at Nintendo Scene!

So here we are, one week until Nintendo’s E3 presentation, and what a year this has been for the Big N. We’ve seen the release of the Switch, multiple huge and critically acclaimed releases, and a slow (but successful) shuffle into the mobile market too. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Nintendo have it pretty good right now. But, now that we’re close to E3 2017, how did Nintendo fare last year and what of the games they put in the spotlight?

E3 2016 was a very reserved affair for Nintendo, especially from the perspective of the primary broadcast. Firstly, there was only two games that were shown during the broadcast, but obviously the depth that the broadcast went into on each game was tremendous. Albeit, personally, I found that the depth that was covered was slightly unnecessary, even perhaps eating steadily into “spoiler” territory. Secondly, the broadcast showed nothing new, a rarity for any developer at E3, let alone Nintendo. They did have a rather larger display of new and upcoming releases during their Treehouse streams, but the broadcast itself was not very diverse.

However, enough about that, what has happened with the Nintendo games from last year’s broadcast?

Let’s start with the (arguably) biggest one of the two; The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. With the delay the game underwent notwithstanding, Breath of the Wild has been a tremendous success. It has received widespread critical and consumer praise, sold 1.49 million units in its first week, and showed that Nintendo could fully deliver on their promise of a fully open, immersive world. It may have its detractors, but there is simply no denying its popularity amongst fans.

The second of the games from the 2016 broadcast was Pokémon Sun and Moon. Once again, these two games have gone on to be incredibly successful titles, selling 14.69 million units before the end of 2016 (made more impressive by the fact that the games were only released in November). With a subtle shift in aesthetic, user interface and perspective, Sun and Moon were both well received and a fresh take on an incredibly lucrative model.

So what will this year bring? We’ve still got ARMS and Splatoon 2 to come this year in terms of dated upcoming releases and we’ve had a Direct today about upcoming Pokémon releases, but there are a myriad of possibilities for E3 2017, and our thoughts are coming later this week.

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