E3 Week 2017 – E3 Moments – Wii Music Demo (2008)

I love Nintendo. No matter how many things they do that I think are dumb moves, they will always come back with something incredible and my continued adoration is maintained. This is especially true for their E3 showings over the years, where we have seen both phenomenal coup de graces being inflicted upon the games industry and, obviously, some phenomenal bum notes. So, bow your head and enter, Nintendo’s conference at E3 2008.

I’m going to do something a little different here and request that you watch the above video before reading on, especially the last five minutes or so. This is because, when I was doing research for this E3 Moment, I had somehow convinced myself that the Wii Music demo wasn’t as bad as I remembered. However, then I watched the above video and was fully reminded of how awful this presentation was to watch.

The demo comprised of a brief explanation of how the game worked before an unsynchronised, cacophony of noise that vaguely resembled the Super Mario Bros. theme, which honestly did not show an advantage or positive to the title it was trying to sell. The participants on stage inhabited the broad range between almost psychotically invested in what they’re doing and maintaining a look of vague, vacant disinterest. The entire performance wasn’t even saved by the child-like exuberance of Miyamoto himself. The best word to describe it was uncomfortable.

This isn’t to say that the entire conference was a total disaster, as Nintendo also revealed Wii Sports Resort, the MotionPlus sequel to the wildly popular Wii Sports. However, outside that reveal (given the rather low amount of other game reveals, as E3 2007 had a phenomenal line up the year before), E3 2008 has gone down as being one of Nintendo’s worst E3 showings to date.

What did you think of E3 2008 and the Wii Music demo, and what are you looking forward to for E3 2017? Let me know in the comments or Tweet me @reuthegamer.

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