E3 Week 2017 – Our Hopes And Expectations

So, Nintendo’s Direct broadcast from E3 2017 is tomorrow at 5pm BST. With all the rumours floating around; like it’s length, what games will be revealed, and how much will be divided up between the initial broadcast and the Treehouse streams, the show is kind of in a prime position to throw out surprises and curveballs. But what do we think we will see at E3 2017, and what would happen if our wildest dreams were to come true? Wes and I have jotted down a few ideas of what we would like from Nintendo’s Direct this year.

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This years Nintendo E3 show COULD be the one we’ve all been waiting for. An extensive look at Mario Odyssey, perhaps with some surprises including multi player options, the appearance of Yoshi, and maybe even Luigi? Without doubt I’m confident that this is going to be the Mario title we’ve been waiting for since Mario Galaxy 2.

But what else? What do Nintendo need to show us to secure the Switch will keep it’s place under the TV and in our hands well into next year and 2019? It has to be Metroid. Surely. The constant no-shows are forgiven, if THIS is the year we finally see a new Prime game? The Switch is the ideal platform, and a new 3D Samus adventure would be the ultimate reveal.

On top of these I’d really like to also see some DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Given the success of this game it seems like a no-brainer. Featuring Pikmin, perhaps a Splatoon track, maybe even Kirby?… I REALLY want to see a release date and some Switch exclusive content for Yooka-Laylee too – that would make my E3.

All that said though, what do I expect to see? Smash Bros. With all the Wii U DLC. It will be great. It’s suited to the console, it will be a smash hit and I’ll still suck at it. I really expect to see more of Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2 and Fire Emblem Warriors too. Maybe some Animal Crossing? Probably the Rabbids crossover, and potentially a new Mario Party. All great titles I’m sure, but not the headline grabbing, platform future proofing title I THINK is needed really… Please Metroid Prime… Please…


I always approach E3 with trepidation. After all, excluding a few select instances of Nintendo at E3, they’ve almost always been missing that one thing that would make my year. They have even sometimes added things to actively make my year of gaming worse, like announcing a new Metroid Prime and it being Federation Force. This is why I separate my expectations and dreams so dramatically, to avoid situations like Federation Force diminishing my enjoyment too much. So let’s have a couple from each (or else I probably wouldn’t stop) …

Fire Emblem Warriors – I would be very surprised to not see this at some point this year, and E3 is the perfect time for this. Luckily for me, this is a game that not only blindsided me earlier this year, but I could not be more ready for. I loved Hyrule Warriors fresh take on the Warriors formula, and with the additional strategic elements from FE bleeding into the core gameplay, this could potentially be a phenomenal game.

Super Smash Bros. Deluxe – It might not be called this, but it’s another no-brainer. If Mario Kart * Deluxe’s success was anything to go by, people WILL get games they missed by not getting the ill-founded Wii U, and Smash is a perfect fit for the Switch too. All they would need to do is port over the Wii U version, with all the DLC and maybe, MAYBE a couple of extra characters and they would be practically printing money. Come on Nintendo, this just makes sense.

A New Fire Emblem for Switch – A rather outside chance on this one as, if I remember, Radiant Dawn didn’t do very well sales-wise. But Switch is the perfect fit for the new direction that Fire Emblem has gone in with recent instalments. Plus it would make a great tie in with the new Fire Emblem Warriors game that they already have in production and will give players that have the Switch as their first console an idea of who these people in FE Warriors and the inevitable Smash Deluxe actually are.

Metroid Prime – I will, like many other Nintendo fans, keep asking for this until it happens. No more utter tripe like the last two games you threw this moniker on, a proper Metroid Prime severely needs to happen. The fact that the same volume of comments have been continually voiced about wanting this should have already translated to it at least being in the works. Nintendo, you simply cannot continue ignoring your fans in the West about this. I know that Metroid tends to be less popular in Japan, but if you dare release a Metroid Prime: Amiibo Festival, I’ll come over there and slap you myself.

What do you think, and what do you want to see? Drop a comment on this article or Tweet me @reuthegamer with your thoughts. E3 for Nintendo is fast approaching, let’s see what surprises they have in store.

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