Layton’s Mystery Journey gets a concrete release date for Nintendo 3DS

On July 20th, Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy was released for both iOS and Android, and was greeted with a mostly positive critical response. As the series started out life on the Nintendo DS, Nintendo loyalists desperately wanted to know when the game would be heading to the 3DS family of systems – the answer given was simply “October”.

Today however, Layton fans get the specific date they’ve been waiting for: October 6th. The news comes with the promise that the Nintendo 3DS version will feature more puzzles than any other game in the series, which is no mean feat, and music to the ears of puzzle enthusiasts. Despite the impressive number of brain teasers included, developer Level-5 clearly didn’t think that was quite enough, as they are also offering daily downloadable bonus puzzles for a whole year.

In addition to being packed to the brim with with content, Layton’s Mystery Journey also takes a bold new step for the series, as Professor Layton’s daughter (Katrielle Layton) has taken up the mantle of protagonist. The story will follow Katrielle attempting to prove her worth by setting up a new detective agency, whilst discovering clues to the whereabouts of her missing father. Along the way she will begin to uncover the Millionaire’s Conspiracy, and if it’s anything like the mysteries in the previous games, it’s sure to be a wonderfully wacky scheme.

The team at Level-5 have really put some effort into trying to freshen up the Layton series for what they are calling “a new era”. A whole new colourful cast of characters, extra minigames, customisable outfits… It all seems like a very fitting way to liven up Layton for the franchise’s 10th anniversary. Oh, did we forget to mention that? Yes, it’s really been 10 years since Professor Layton and the Curious Village first launched! Now I think I know how Layton felt in The Lost Future after messing with that giant clock.

So, will you be celebrating 10 years of Layton by picking up Layton’s Mystery Journey on October 6th? Or have you already tried it out on mobile devices? Are you a seasoned Layton veteran? Or will this be your first foray into this puzzling world? Let us know in the comments!

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