ESL to Host Online Splatoon 2 Tournaments for UK/Ireland, with Prizes, Twice a Week

Competitive gaming organisation ESL will be hosting two tournaments a week for Splatoon 2, starting on Wednesday 8th November, and continuing every Wednesday and Saturday until Christmas. These are exclusively for players from the UK and Ireland.

Currently, all scheduled Wednesday tournaments will take place at 7pm, with Saturday tournaments starting at 1pm. Teams are allowed to have up to six players on their roster.

ESL has been hosting online UK & Ireland tournaments since the UK Championship concluded at EGX in September, but tonight’s tournament is the first to offer prizes. This will hopefully bring more attention to the series, as the previous UK cups have been somewhat light on participants. In fact, the most recent two cups had no signups at all.

ESL was also the host of the UK Championship qualifiers, and they organised the highly popular Go4Splatoon series on the original Wii U game.

What are the prizes for the winning team? Apparently, they get one of the following (presumably each player wins one):

  • Splatoon Takoraka Cap – Red Mesh
  • Splatoon Zekko Cap – Green Mesh
  • Splatoon Firefin T-Shirt – 8-Bit FishFry
  • Splatoon Tentatek T-Shirt – Black Squideye

It’s quite impressive for ESL to offer prizes for every single tournament, even if those prizes are just Splatoon apparel. Teams could end up with a whole collection if they win several times.

Interested in entering? Head over to the ESL website, sign up, make a team, and enter tonight’s cup on the tournament page!


ESL Website
ESL Splatoon 2 hub – use this page to see upcoming tournaments
Tonight’s tournament page
ESL Splatoon Discord Server

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