Steins;Gate Elite Switch Review by Okabe Rintaro

Muhahahaha I am Okabe Rintaro, no! That is merely my alter ego so the organisation does not find the mad scientist known as Hououin Kyouma. I am the protagonist in the game you know as Steins;Gate Elite which is a full remaster of my quest towards the battle of Ragnarok along with my fellow lab mems known as Steins;Gate. Only this time my genius has brought over 7000 anime scenes with it instead of static screens.

My struggles are real.

My story is one of time, space and conspiracies. As I use my lab mems as guinea pigs to experiment using the Phonewave (Name subject to change), the world’s first time machine capable of sending emails to the past. Each time the past is changed so does the world line and I am the only one to remember said change thanks to my power of Reading Steiner. The butterfly effect can have severe consequences and I must outwit Steins Gate otherwise known as fate.

So true.

The lab starts out with myself, the 18 year old mad scientist Hououin Kyouma, some people call me a chunnibyou with delusions of grandeur. There is Mayuri my hostage and childhood friend, she spends her time at the lab making cosplay. And Daru my super hacka pervy gentleman right hand man, he enjoys 2D waifus and a certain maid from Mayqueen Nyan2. We gain many more lab mems as my tale of greatness unfolds.

A pervy gentleman in action.

It all starts at a time travel conference where I meet girl genius Makise Kurisu and something truly terrible happens, then unhappens?

I make my impact in the tale by replying to text messages. I pick out of two or three words and an automatic reply based on those parts will be sent. At the start of the story there is no consequence to my reply I merely obtain varying information based on my own reply. Later in the story I change the world itself based on my reply using the power I hold over time and space, although the changes do not always go as I plan. It might seem like awfully lame gameplay but trust me the intrigue and mystery of the story and the wonder at what will happen based on my decisions will have you as hooked as any good scientist is on Dr Pepper. As working on a time machine takes the greatest minds the Future Lab has to offer there is a helpful tips section so that even Mayuri can understand. Complicated words will appear in red and you can go straight to tips to see an explanation, this is a great help for those who unlike myself are not mad scientists.

Poor Daru.

Only I have the power to choose how the story ends and most of the time the final choice I make is made obvious thanks to the awesome might of my mobile phone, however to witness the true end to Ragnarok one must navigate some text messages with very particular answers. I suggest you consult the Norse god of knowledge Mimir, or the internet. I thank Odin’s beard when it comes to obtaining the true ending that the game autosaves at every text message and for the skip text function as this makes it very little hassle to witness the ultimate battle of Ragnarok.

Witness the powers of mobile technology.

As I previously said this tale is a full remaster with anime scenes, this means instead of reading about my expressions and exclamations you now get to witness my very essence first hand. This change will help engage and enthrall you as you become as attached as I am to my lab mems. What this also means is there is less text to wade through and more science. The visuals mostly consist of close ups of our faces in order for you to clearly see our expressions and the turmoil of the battle against the organisation and of 3 second clips so that the text and voices stay in time with the visuals. As a whole the visuals are marvelous and will have you feeling like you are playing an anime when in fact you are thoroughly engrossed in watching the great Hououin Kyouma bring chaos upon the world.

Am I in the right game?

Every spoken word in the game is exceptionally  voice acted (in Japanese of course as only Kurisu knows English), helping set the ever changing mood and pace of the story which takes place in Akihabara in Japan. My voice may sound familiar and that has a simple reason, I the great Hououin Kyouma have voiced characters in Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Persona 5, Kingdom Hearts, Disgaea 5, Castlevania and more, it is a necessary evil in order to pay rent for the future lab. The entire story isn’t voice acted though as my inner thoughts are mine alone and I do share them with others.

There are only a few music tracks in the story as to not distract from my genius, but like the voice acting they go a long way to set the atmosphere as when the music suddenly changes I know I’m in for some kind of twist whether it be the mood become light hearted or something sinister afoot.

Real world locations cannot escape the battle of Ragnarok.

When purchasing Steins;Gate Elite you are given the treat of 8-bit Adventure Steins;Gate (as a download code) which is a retelling of the story in an 8 bit adventure style. It is about an hour and a half long, but there was a crime against Thor’s hammer as there is no save feature included so you have to play it all in one sitting. While I love science I do not love repeated fetch quests even if it does mean I get to battle fate in a retro style with a brand new storyline. I will call it operation Ymir as he was the first Norse being to exist. Even with my complaints of a lack of saving it is a story you do not want to miss.

Witness my 8-bit glory.

I the great Hououin Kyouma shall impart one final piece of advice, do not play 8-Bit Adventure Steins;Gate until you have finished Steins;Gate Elite, for there are major spoilers within the first two minutes. You have been warned.

Spoiler, it’s actually you inside the TV and I am the one in the real world.

Steins;Gate Elite is quite simply the best visual novel ever made despite its lack of actual gameplay. Emotions and history twist and turn as I the mad scientist Hououin Kyouma change the world whilst doing battle against fate. I would recommend any mad scientist to witness the story at the consequence of becoming hooked on the 30 hour (to see all endings) adventure that awaits.

El Psy Kongroo.

Steins;Gate Elite is available both physically and digitally on Nintendo Switch 19th February 2019. Thank you to Spike Chunsoft for providing the download code.

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