Shakedown Hawaii future DLC and Mogul Update

Shakedown Hawaii is fantastic and exceeded my expectations of a sequel to Retro City Rampage. Read our review here.

Brian Provinciano of VBlank Entertainment still has major plans for Shakedown Hawaii. First up is the Mogul update which is currently in certification with Nintendo and due out within a month. You can read all about below. But wait there’s more. Brian is planning future DLC and has hopes to make a sub game with the game that contains extended and improved farm levels. The farm levels are like Smash TV x Cannon Fodder and involve an action packed jaunt through a farm killing the outlaws currently running the farm.


  • More Shakedown Scenarios
  • Car Repossession
  • Weapon Pawning
  • Shop Icons added to the map
  • Expands some building interiors
  • Character upgrades can now be unequipped
  • Faster property and multipliers purchasing
  • Salary can now be increased quicker
  • Police chases improved
  • Horns/sirens added to vehicles
  • Misc. bug fixes

Now that this first update’s wrapped, I’ll get back to finishing the Nintendo 3DSversion!

The game is designed to be a smooth ride. By the time you complete the main story missions, you’ll have the resources to easily acquire the entire island. However, if you attempt to take over the island too early, it will be more of an uphill battle.

You can earn extra cash and territory by completing shakedowns, but the big payouts occur on main story missions. This wasn’t conveyed clearly enough initially, and some players focused entirely on the shakedowns, ignoring the main missions, and thus, struggled to earn the capital they needed for island domination. This update adds more dialogue and guidance to better steer players towards the end goal.

More variety has also been added to the shakedowns with additional protection scenarios.

By popular request! It appears that many of you want to max out the entire island, so your wish is my command.

Note: The game is designed such that multipliers don’t need to be added to every business. With a few strategic placements, you can achieve 100% without any tedium. However, those of you who want to load everything up can now do so in a streamlined way.

Purchase confirmations can now be turned off, enabling one-click property and multiplier purchasing. A new “Buy All Multipliers” button has been added, and your salary can also be increased much quicker.

Garages have been added to Subprime Auto locations. Subprime-leased vehicles can now be jacked from the roads and returned to Subprime Auto locations under your ownership. Each repossessed vehicle delivered will increase your daily revenue.

Weapons can now be sold to pawn shops to earn extra cash and free up your inventory.

Character upgrades (double jump, speed boost, etc.) can now be unequipped at any time by visiting the veterinary clinic.

By popular demand, shop location icons have been added to the map! They can be turned on/off via the Map Icons menu, and For Sale and Shakedown locations can also now be turned off to declutter things.

It’s now easier to keep your threat level and duke it out to the maximum heat. It’s also now easier to obtain the “Get Inconspicuous” trophy.

Car horns and sirens have been added to vehicles. Select them via the weapon menu (they’re the first slot) and activate them with the shoot button.

If you’ve reported a bug, it’s probably fixed 🙂 All of your emails, tweets and messages have been received and most reported bugs are covered by this update. If you encounter any more, please keep the messages coming!

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