Root Letter: Last Answer announced for Nintendo Switch!

Pqube and Kadokawa games announced the update to their best seller 2016 interactive visual novel Root Letter will be released for Switch in Europe on August 30th and North America September 3rd.

The game follows the plot of a man finding childhood friend’s Aya Fumino correspondence, where she confesses of a murder committed 15 years ago. Strived by curiosity and the will to solve this mystery, the protagonist sets off on a travel to the prefecture of Shimane, where through clues and letters left behind by their friendship with Aya, they’ll uncover the truth behind this tragedy. Or will they?

The game promises to offer several improvements on the 2016 original such as new endings promising to clear up some mysteries left unsolved, a completely reworked item system, the possibility to track which ending and story branches have been explored and a whole new “live action” mode, which replaces the lovely anime art style with brand new live action footage and full voice acting.

Excited yet? Please take a look at the announcement trailer down below!

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