Morphies Law Remorphed – Huge Update and Review (Switch)

Remember Morphies Law? That promising looking quirky Mexican styled team shooter where you steal body mass from opponents by shooting them. Well it has been remorphed into Morphies Law Remorphed.

Sadly my archnemesis is still here.

The whole game has been remorphed from the menus to the weapons, even the icon is flashier and better looking. My favourite new addition is the new game mode ‘The Masster’. As always with Morphies Law as you shoot your opponents to steal body mass from 8 different parts of their body, this results in some truly hilarious looking ‘morphies’. The beauty of The Masster is that the biggest morphie is the masster and only the masster’s team gains points. I say points but each team has a bar and the team with the most filled bar at the end of the match is the winner. The whole time in the masster the opposing team is gunning for them while the masster’s team has to protect them. It’s a thrilling mode that can swing either way at the drop of a hat.

To infinity and beyond!

An important change in Remorphed is that default match length has changed from 4 minutes to 6 minutes. 6 minutes might sound a bit long and I thought that at first but it allows matches to ebb and flow. One match my team almost maxed out our team bar resulting in an automatic win then the match swung the other way and suddenly the opponent’s were winning. We then battled closely until the dying seconds making for a tense and exciting comical battle. 

What a jab.

Also regarding online play, Remorphed is now a 3v3 shooter when playing player Vs player. This means the online experience is far more solid and actually a great achievement more an indie game considering Nintendo’s general state of online play. Part of the reason online is so solid and smooth now is that there are dedicated servers that the devs state can support up to 50,000 consecutive players, pretty impressive for a Nindie right? There’s method to this madness though as Remorphed features cross play with Steam adding considerably to the user base.

Some legs wielding a gun just killed me…

In Morphies Law weapon loadouts are made by combining a base (your main weapon) and a ‘beef it up’ (your side weapon), in Remorphed there’s two new bases and two new beef it ups the highlight of which is the Fat Falcon, a side weapon that fires a falconlike rocket that goes with a humongous boom. Many other weapons were spruced up too making gameplay more exciting. Not only that but now the guns overheat and then you can’t fire while they cool down if you get them too hot. This adds a new element to the game and makes it far more tactical, rewarding intelligent play. The bar for the gun heat is next to the aiming reticle so it’s nice and easy to keep an eye on. 

He’s so tiny.

In the heat of battle opponents now have visible health bars giving you the information needed to know whether to stick around and right or butt rocket away and get some help from your compadres. 

The stage count has now been increased from a lowly 4 to an adequate 8. Okay 8 isn’t greatest amount to ever grace a game but it gets by and in my time playing Remorphed I never once thought “oh not this level again”. 

Smash through! If you think you’re big enough!

To give a reason to play there’s now daily missions with a bronze, silver and gold mission each day which are also unique to each person.

The only issue to me that wasn’t sorted in the update is that the music in the background when in a match is so quiet you can’t really hear it once your shooting away at outlandish opponent Morphies. This is such a shame because the menu music is a joyous fiesta to your ears, especially thanks to the newly adding instruments your Morphies wield when waiting to join an online match. These instruments noticeably add to the song adding a very unique dynamic.

Kick back and enjoy the beats.

So that’s what new in this incredible update now I’ll pass you over to one of our resident competitive Splatoon players to fill you in on why the gameplay in Remorphed is so much fun.

Morphies Law screamed FUN! at me the moment I picked it up. The game really reminded me of Splatoon and shares the same control scheme with it.
Motion controls are extremely precise, on the same level of the pristine fluidity Splatoon 1 offered. 
It’s a team based shooter and a hilarious one at that. Many times I found myself laughing at what monstrosity my team mate became, with a tiny head, huge body, massive legs.
I loved how tactical you can get, shooting parts of bodies so that I could increase the stats I needed at that defined moment.
Aerial fights are common and blazing fast and you never feel like you are out of control.I particularly loved how dynamic the ink sub weapon is both in attacking and defending, or even to heal your teammates. Out of all modes I played, The Masster was my favourite by far. It involves a layer of tactic unseen in the other game modes, with a couple players defending the Masster, doing their best to hide and retain (and increase!) their mass.The game was mainly lag free to me, with the exception of a few games where enemies teleported left and right and my character sunk through the ground and into the abyss.
I enjoyed the maps, particularly one featuring buildings you have to activate to make them emerge from the ground and offer new protection for your team.
The only thing i didn’t enjoy were the stage hazards. These are not unfair per se but they are not highlighted enough in the map, causing me to be blown away by that fan hiding on the wall or being teleported half a mile away by a pipe that was way too small to notice.
All in all, it felt like playing a more casual friendly version of Splatoon 2, an amazing experience I Recommend to most!

Not quite the original Splatoon bubble but it’ll do.

Morphies Law Remorphed on the whole is one of the best updates to a game I’ve ever experienced. It has taken my thoughts from “eh if you like it get it” to “this is game is funny, has solid online and mostly importantly is fun to play especially with friends”. 

Finally at the time of writing Morphies Law Remorphed is on sale for £6.39 which is such a steal that if I don’t see you out there as an oddly shaped morphie butt rocketing to infinity and beyond then you’re severely missing out.

Morphies Law Remorphed is available digitally on Nintendo Switch eShop for £15.99/€19.99/$19.99. Thank you to HomeRunPR and Cosmoscope GmbH for providing the review code.

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