Step into the Depths of Hell and Fight Demons in Devil’s Hunt!

Smell’s like lemons.

“Step into the designer shoes of Desmond, your not-so-friendly neighbourhood anti-hero and general Miami nuisance. Turns out, he’s forged a deal with the devil and is firmly planted in the middle of a cosmic struggle between angels and demons. With the fate of humankind hanging in the balance, Desmond must come to grips with his demonic new powers as he literally punches his way through hell, taking down all manner of fearsomely angelic and demonic creatures.”

This is what developers of Devil’s Hunt, Layopi Games have to say about their game, a new third person action game that reminds a lot of Devil May Cry. Releasing on Nintendo Switch in 2020, The game follows the story of Desmond, a man who’s powers will be key to decide the winner in a war between Good and Evil.

Based on Paweł Leśniak’s original novel, Devil’s Hunt promises to be a graphically intensive title and received an M rating from ESRB.
It will be interesting to see how the Switch handles the game, especially after receiving incredible ports in the past, like Hellblade.

Please have a look at the announcement trailer below!

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