Explore the Universe in the New Space Adventure: Subdivision Infinity DX!

We all love a space shooter, even better if it showcases gorgeous visuals of the vastity of space. Developed using the state of the art Unreal Engine 4, the new title developed by Mistfly Games and published by Blowfish Studios promises to bring us on an explosive trip between spaceships, dog fights, lasers, destruction and asteroids.
We follow the adventure of Sgt. Jed Riddle on his quest for the truth surrounding the mysterious Element – 122, its nature and origins and the reason hordes of mercenaries are looking for it in every corner of the galaxy.

The game seems to be jam packed with content too:
We can dive into the main plot by completing the main missions, 40 of them divided in 5 diverse locales engaging us in a combat style reminiscent of old 8 bit NES titles like Gyruss or take a break by exploring asteroids and harvest minerals to be sold for profit or enhance our equipment.
If none of this appeals to you, just explore the environments and try to find relics scattered in the depth of space, important to upgrade our ship and face dynamic boss battles.

In their press release announcement, the developers said the follow:

“Whether you prefer to min max your ship, take down epic enemies or just explore the celestial beauty all around you while wreaking havoc among it, Subdivision Infinity DX has something for everyone. This breathtaking space shooter looks and feels amazing and we’re honored to bring Mistfly’s vision to as many people as possible.”

Set to release on August 8th on Nintendo Switch, please enjoy the game’s official trailer below.

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