Will You Survive the Horrors of Shadow 2: Perfidia?


Shadow 2: Perfidia is a Survival Horror game from Ultimate Games already out on PC that’s been collecting quite the positive feedback among players.
The game is set in an obscure and gloomy office, plagued by paranormal, unexplainable activities.
The goal of the developers is to deliver a sense of uneasiness, overwhelming the player with fear and terror, like if they were slowly plunging into madness.
The game uses an interesting mental health system, slowly degrading the more the player witnesses the horror the complex conceals.

Features of this title:

  • 18 terrifying levels;
  • Unique monsters each requiring a different tactic and approach;
  • An original Mental health system to keep you on your toes;
  • Collectibles are hidden around levels to unlock new features and deepen the lore.

Released in March 2017 on PC with an average 80% positive rating, the game is set to release on August 6th on Nintendo Switch.
Have a look at the trailer below.

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