New Indivisible Gameplay Trailer

Lab Zero the people that brought the world Skullgirls and backwards compatibility for arcade sticks are back with avengence. Indivisible is nearly upon us with a release date being given as 8th October for everything but Switch. Unfortunately the Switch is once again just “coming soon”. But Lab Zero have stated it is still on for a 2019 release so it could be worse.

Play as Anja in an amazing mesh of platformer and RPG, where you’ll instantly go from side scrolling platforming into a side scrolling battle with the help you people Anja has absorbed into herself.

You have a party of 4 and each party member is set to a button to attack, time stops for no one as you have to have your wits about you and make quick decisions in this dynamic RPG.

Lab Zero are known for excellent quality so if that means the Switch version needs more time to be the best it can, that’s fine. At least it’s not 6-12months like some games.

Check out the trailer below,

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