Get Hori Street Fighter II Arcade Sticks only on Nintendo Switch

That’s right Hori, makers of super awesome arcade sticks are bringing some beautiful StreetFighter II arcade sticks to Nintendo Switch this October. It comes in multiple versions with three designs for the Hori Real Arcade Pro (RAP)V Hayabusa ($159.99) and two designs for the Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4 ($59.99).

Which version should you go for then? The mini is perfect for taking portable and playing on the train, plane or anywhere outside but the RAP V is really where it’s at. I personally own a RAP and love it to bits, the Hayabusa part just means it uses a Hori own brand Hayabusa Stick rather than Sanaa parts. The stick is super responsive and the buttons you barely have to touch for the input to happen so no late inputs, all the parts are swappable too so you can put Sanwa parts in if you want. The Mini on the other hand is good for a first stick but you can’t change parts.

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