Explore the Mind of Theo Kavinsky When Headspun Hits Nintendo Switch on August 28th

Being published by the contemporary kings of FMV games Wales Interactive comes Headspun, an FMV Adventure game exploring the conscious and subconscious mind. Rebuild the cortex and restore memories in this innovative FMV Adventure Hybrid by debuting developer Superstring.

Wales Interactive are a multi-award winning developer and publisher of other great FMV titles including Late Shift, The Bunker and The Shapeshifting Detective. As a genre, FMV is underrepresented in the gaming sphere, so I’m glad that companies like Wales Interactive and Superstring are keeping it alive and this new game looks to be an interesting combination between FMV storytelling and adventure style gameplay.

Here’s a press release for Headspun

Wales Interactive is proud to reveal the adventure/FMV hybrid game Headspun is coming to PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on 28 August 2019. Discounted pre-orders will also be available on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (Europe) and Switch on 14 August 2019.

Headspun is a 2D narrative adventure set in Cortex; the world of Theo Kavinsky’s broken brain. Using live-action FMV sequences, the staff of Cortex watch Theo’s life unfold from the eyeScreen behind his eyes, making decisions on his behalf and running the day-to-day cognitive operations which define Theo as a person. Playing as Ted, the rational, human personification of Theo’s character, players will begin a journey to rebuild Cortex and put Theo’s life back together. What Ted thinks is best for Theo, however, isn’t necessarily a view shared by Teddy – the primal, emotional representation of Theo’s psyche.

Headspun is a game that follows the relationship between Ted and Teddy; an ongoing war between logic and emotion. Headspun is a game about recovery, discovery, and the ongoing battle between logic and emotion. 

Rich FMV story-telling: Branching dialogue – sway the outcome of your interactions

Rebuild Cortex: – earn Neuros to hire staff and commission renovations 

Retrieve Lost Memories: and work out what happened the night of Theo’s accident

Original Synthwave Score: from Soho Loop

As a fan of FMV games and specifically Wales Interactives previous FMV entries, I’m excited for this one. Let me know if you’re also planning on picking this up.

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