Live Your Farmer Dreams in Doraemon Story of Seasons.

There is something odd about farmer simulators: it’s oddly satisfying to watch your crops growing, it feels so good to build and design the farm of your dreams and you grow fondly attached to the digital animals you get to raise.
Story of Season is a popular series of farming simulators and what we used to know as Harvest Moon before Marvelous made a US branch and Natsume kept the rights to the Harvest Moon name, Doraemon is from the popular legendary anime and is about to jump on the farming band wagon.
Following the series tradition, the player will have to grow crops and personalise and micromanage fields playing as Nobita Nobi and his friends.

During their adventure our heroes will meet and make friends with different people and can buy new tools and seeds at the shops in town, that we can help improve and develop by investing money in it. Ofcourse Doraemon will offer us a wide variety of magical tools from his pouch to tinker around with!

Developed by Marvelous and produced by Namco-Bandai, the game is set for release on 11th of October, have a look at the announcement trailer below!

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