Picross Gets the RPG Treatment in PictoQuest: The Cursed Grids!

I love Picross. I played it all the way back, from Mario’s Picross on the Gameboy to the Picross series on the Super Nintendo (released only in Japan and on Virtual Console).
Picross is a fun, addictive puzzle game, also known as a Nonogram. You have a grid and different numbers on the sides of it. The goal of the game is to uncover the picture hidden on the grid, block by block.
The rules are simple but hard to master: every number of blocks has to be divided by a space on the grid on the same line or column.
Hard? Yes, but immensely satisfying!
But let’s talk about PictoQuest. Developed by NanoPiko Games, the game adds a twist to the classic formula and transforms the game in a puzzle RPG!
You will encounter monsters on a map (each place representing a puzzle level) and monsters to defeat, sometimes bosses too!

Defeat enemies block by block!

On your journey villagers will also give you side quests to complete and shops will help you solving the hardest of puzzles with magical items to purchase.

Shops on the map sell items to help you on your mission.

PictoQuest is out now, please have a look at the release trailer below!

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