Milestone: Developers of MotoGP, MXGP and Monster Energy Supercross Acquired by THQ Nordic/ Koch Media

Milestone make some great motorbike games, unfortunately for Nintendo console owners a lot less effort goes into the Switch versions of their games, it is argueable that Milestone’s PS3 outings are better than their Switch efforts. This is such a shame when there is so much talent at Milestone. Koch Media are hoping that acquiring Milestone will help strengthen them, I’m hoping that it’ll mean Milestone can expand their team of 200 to make better Switch versions. The demand is there but the quality drop is so drastic it currently makes Milestone games a hard purchase. Hopefully this will be a step in the right direction.

Here’s what the honchos at Milestone and Koch media had to say.

“Becoming a part of the Koch Media Family is an important step for our studio. Being run as a family business, which is built on the enthusiasm of its team members and centered around racing games, we are delighted to bring our expertise and knowledge into the company group and strive from the experience and knowledge outside of our core DNA. We are sure that the combination of our experiences will strengthen our position in our market segment and help us to bring more exciting games to our fans and extend the frontiers of racing within the gaming industry,“ says Luisa Bixio, Vice President Milestone s.r.l.

Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, CEO Koch Media GmbH adds: “We are delighted to welcome the team from Milestone to the family. After a long relationship in distribution across selected Koch territories, I am sure that the combined knowledge of our companies will open amazing new opportunities within a core market of the games industry. I am more than confident that the motivation and passion that drives the team at Milestone and the strong value within the racing segment are a solid foundation for future projects. The knowledge of fully licensed titles such as MotoGP and the experience in self-publishing and developing own IPs such as RIDE, rooting on a core DNA which centers around racing will help us to broaden our group portfolio and strengthen us for the future.”

Milestone is a software company founded in 1994 under the name Graffiti. Since 1996, the family owned business with currently around 200 staff is known as Milestone.

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