Cooking Mama is Preparing Her Ladle For the Big Comeback on Nintendo Switch!

Yes, you read correctly: Cooking Mama, staple of the Nintendo DS era of touch gaming, is back in action in full force on our favourite console with Cooking Mama: Cookstar! Not much has been revealed about this new title, but screenshots of the game have been shown and it looks awesome!

The game refines and builds on what it did in the past, sees us cooking new recipes (for a total of 90) from a multitude of country backgrounds, offering for the first time an option for vegetarian variations too!
As per tradition, the control scheme is tailored around the console the game it’s featured on, offering a mix of motion controls and traditional inputs used to cook the delicacies on screen.
We can play alone or co-op with a friend and if we feel impervious, the new Challenge Mode is there to tackle our culinary skills.

Can’t wait to get your hands dirty in the kitchen? Have a look at the new screenshots below!

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