Mr Blaster Review – Switch

How many worms can you buy for £1.79? Two, only they aren’t worms they’re giant spacemen standing on semi circular planets that are bouncing up and down in space. Welcome to weird wonderful wacky world of Mr Blaster.

In this physics based 2D side facing shooter you play as a giant spaceman whose sole purpose in life? Fire their single weapon at the neighbouring giant spaceman atop their semi circular planet. 

Ready, aim, fire!

There’s two game modes in Mr Blaster, VS CPU and VS player. You pick a spaceman each armed with their own unique weapon and fling it at your foe but setting the power and angle then hoping a satellite doesn’t get in the way. Or maybe that a satellite does get in your way as destroying satellites gives a nice point bonus with points unlocking new characters with new weapons such as tennis rackets and gas grenades. 

The gameplay is simple, fling your weapon at your opponent while they stand still on a planet floating up and down in space until you’ve depleted their health bar. When you win you get one shot ATO hit and get a special ending such as an asteroid or giant satellite finishing off the unfortunate spaceman. 

Careful or you’ll take out an eye.

The sound and graphics are simple too, what do you expect for £1.79 at full price. With a spacey atmospheric soundtrack and some bone crunching sound effects. Speaking of bone crunching a nic effect is seeing which bones you’ve shattered of your enemy. 

I’d recommend Mr Blaster to play with a friend or family member occasionally as I’m sure the close misses and silly weapons will create some tense and laugh out loud moments. Mr Blaster is much cheaper than its contemporary Worms, a tenth of the price in fact but that also reflects the quality difference them, still for less than a cup of coffee it’s worth a shot if you have someone to play it with for a fun filled 15 minutes.

You only get one shot here to see a special end.

Mr Blaster is available digitally on the eShop from 22/08/19 for £1.79/€1.99/$1.99. Thank you to Forever Entertainment for providing the review code.

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