Colony Building in Caribbean Time of Pirates with Port Royale 4 coming to Nintendo Switch

Port Royal has been going a while and has always peaked my interest as I do like a bit of a sim. In Port Royale 4 you can play as one of the 4 major explorative nations during the time of pirates and build a colony in the 17th century Caribbean. Sounds awesome to me, check out the announcement trailer and enough details to explode your head straight from developer Gaming Minds Studios and publisher Kalypso Media (famous for the Tropico series, whens it coming to Switch?).

What is Port Royale 4?
Set sail and join the colonial powers of Spain, England, France, and the Netherlands in their fight for supremacy over the 17th century Caribbean. In ‘Port Royale 4’ you will take control of a colony as a young and ambitious governor who is eager to learn what it takes to manage and grow his small settlement into a bustling trade city.
Develop production chains connecting multiple islands, and create complex trade routes across the Caribbean to cover the ever-growing needs of the different cities. Consult the detailed sea map to avoid devastating storms, cliffs, or shallow waters. Fulfil tasks for your nation’s viceroy, earning more fame to unlock town buildings, ships, and more. Conquer the cities of rival nations or hunt down their fleets, while also keeping a keen eye out for pirates and other privateers.
For the first time in the series, naval battles will be turn-based, with up to 10 ships battling at one time use tactical captain manoeuvres to turn the tide in even the most hopeless of situations for a glorious victory.
What are the main features of Port Royale 4?
·        Take on four extensive single-player campaigns, following each nation on their path to supremacy.
·        Establish and manage trading relationships with 60 Caribbean cities in a huge 3D game world. Steer clear of cliffs, shallow waters, and stormy regions to optimize your trade routes.
·        Select from 50 buildings, including 25 production sites, to produce goods like rum or luxuries. Construct town buildings using neighborhood effects to optimize productivity and manage the overall happiness of your citizens.
·        18 historically authentic ship types from the 17th century.
·        Engage in tactical, turn-based naval battles with powerful captains.
·        Licenses, building permits, new buildings and ships can be unlocked by growing your reputation within your nation.
Port Royal 4 in numbers
·        4 extensive single-player campaigns featuring the colonial forces of Spain, England, France, and the Netherlands
·        Tactical and round-based sea battles with up to 10 vs. 10 ships
·        50 different buildings + 50 variations
·        18 historical ship types, including one special ship, that is only available for the player
·        Trading and production with 25 different goods
·        Detailed map spanning 4500km x 2700km (about 12 Million km²)
Who is developing Port Royale 4?
Gaming Minds, located in Gütersloh, Germany, are developing Port Royale 4. They are known for games like Railway Empire, Patrician 4, previous Port Royale games in the series, as well as many other titles.
What platforms will Port Royale 4 release on?
Port Royale 4 will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.
When will Port Royale 4 be released?
Currently, Port Royale 4 is planned to set sail in Q3 2020.
What engine does Port Royale 4 use? 
Port Royale 4 uses Gaming Minds Studios’ own engine. Already used in Railway Empire, this engine has received several recent improvements
Will Port Royal 4 include multiplayer?
No, with Port Royale 4 we wanted to focus purely on a single-player experience.
Even though the game is historically/geographically authentic, can the player rename cities?
No, this is not currently planned. 
Will there also be a retail version?
Yes, there will be a retail version of Port Royale 4 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.
Will the whole map be accessible right from the start?
Or will players need to unlock/discover islands, cities and more during the game?
The complete map will be accessible from the beginning, however the user …
·        …will have to discover the towns before the town information becomes visible and thus the information needed to determine the value of connecting this specific town to the player’s trade-network.
·        …may not enter hostile towns (e.g. when nations are at war).
·        …has to buy trading permission prior to trading with each town.
Will Port Royale 4 include customization of ships?
No, this is not planned at the moment.
Will players be able to customize the cities/islands?
Definitely. In fact, the upgrading of cities and the city-builder element gains more even depth in Port Royale 4.
This is achieved by:
·        Adding more buildings than were offered in previous Port Royale titles
·        By implementing rules for distance, as well as location-dependent advantages/disadvantages
o   Within each city, the buildings will offer different advantages and disadvantages to the neighbouring buildings. This makes every city unique, with no single way of building – every city should, therefore, be optimised towards its own specific purpose.
Will Port Royale 4 feature modding support?
No, this is not planned at the moment.
What languages will Port Royale 4 support?
The game will support English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Russian.
Will Port Royale 4 end when a certain year/era has been reached, or will it continue endlessly?
The user can play with or without tasks. Either way, the user can choose to continue playing endlessly.
How long will be the estimated time (playtime) to get through the campaign?
Of course, the playtime will vary depending on playstyle, no matter, if you are a more experienced player or new to the genre.
As a rough guideline, we’d expect around 15 hours for the campaign – however, feedback from the Port Royale community suggests that the free play mode (sandbox) is the most enjoyable aspect of the game. This mode offers plenty of player-controlled settings which can add several hours of gameplay, just in a single session.
In summary – Port Royale 4 will offer many hours of playtime across several different game modes.
Just as a side note: with 12 million km² of map to be explored, plenty of cities to be discovered and grown, and complex trade routes to be established, this is not easily achieved in a mere few minutes…
Are there any details regarding the differences and improvements to the previous Port Royale games?
·        We’ve kept the core gameplay, the Caribbean setting, trading as key-features,  as well as transporting of the various goods, piracy and city building.  But…
o   Port Royale 4 will offer even more city building
o   Port Royale 4 builds on the previous games by offering more goods, a considerably larger map, as well as more ships for transport. Plus a host of other updates…
·        This time, we wanted sea-battles not to feeling rush, so we’ve made it turn-based.
o   Players can skip sea-battles, if they so wish, and let them be fought automatically. However, with the downsize that when actively participate in the battle, possibly turning the tides by e.g. making use of the new captains’ abilities.
·        Also new to the series:
o   Player’s characters come with different perks and, therefore, advantages and disadvantages in gameplay, and in how they interact with other nations
o   Speaking of nations… each nation has different traits, adding greater variety and nuance to the game
o   Earning reputation grant the player access to advances in technologies via nations’ tech-trees
·        The sea map will now include weather, uniformity, and cliffs, providing more challenges to players, but also creating opportunities to optimize trade routes in a variety of ways
·        The city and sea maps will now be combined into one cohesive, 3D map.
o   In Port Royale 3 there were two separate maps: a 2D sea map, and 3D city map, but in Port Royal 4 we will use one 3D map for both. The map will have plenty of zooming options allowing the player to keep track of their trade routes, and the constantly growing Caribbean trading network, as well as to help build up their Caribbean cities as closely and in as much detail as possible.

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