Heavy Metal Inspired Slasher: Down to Hell is Coming to Switch this Year

Rock out in this dark gorey action platformer later this year and check out the trailer and details below.

In Down to Hell, the player takes on the role of an unnamed knight whose fate led to a chaotic world full of demonic creatures.
The key element of Down to Hell is combat. Red Dev Studio prepared the balanced gameplay, in which the climaxes are demanding battles with bosses. Among them, there is a demonic bug (Crimson), a flying magician (Agalloch) and a devilish maiden (Solitude).
The nameless knight can use basic attacks – strong (slow) and weak (fast), which can be combined into more effective sequences. The system is complemented by spells and special blows that are unlocked as the game progresses. An important element is also the retort system, thanks to which the player has a chance to repel some attacks.
In Down to Hell well-thought-out gameplay goes hand in hand with its unique atmosphere full of darkness and suffering. The unique nature of our new game is also emphasized by the raw and specially styled graphics. The soundtrack additionally plays an important role here, in which works by Polish heavy metal bands such as Decapitated and Koronal appear. In addition to the soundtrack, which complements the game well, fans of heavy sounds will surely notice other references to this style of music” says the founder Red Dev Studio, Wojciech Sypko.
In the final version Down to Hell offers two different chapters in which players – apart from smaller creatures – can expect a few bosses. It takes on average about 3 hours to complete the game. What is important is that the creators do not rule out adding more chapters, if title meets with good reception.
The main features of Down to Hell:
fast and dynamic fight;
unique bosses;
heavy and dark atmosphere;
hand-drawn film interludes;
heavy metal soundtrack (including Decapitated and Koronal).

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