Cat Quest II Clawing its Way to Switch this Autumn; Check Out 3 New Trailers

Pawesome news cat (and dog) lovers! The sequel to one of the most joy filled games ever is releasing soon!

PQube have showcased not one but three short trailers featuring different aspects of the brand new catravaganza. First up because it’s what the whole world and their dog wanted: Mewltiplayer.

Now let’s have a look at some of the new weapons including spellcaster and two handed weapons, as well as new skills, including passive ones. Opening up far more variety than the original game.

Finally let’s have a look at the great doggo empire of Lupus where half the game will take place.

Cat Quest II is a fast paced action RPG full of lovable characters, more cat puns than you thought humanly possible and playable doggos as you go on an epic quest to save the world from rulers who have lost their minds.

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