Fairy Tail Switch Story Arc and Character Details

The Gust developed Koei Tecmo Fairy Tail game is coming to Switch next year and Koei Tecmo have just announced a few more details.

First up there will be over 10 playable characters in this RPG epic, including the obvious crew of Natsu, Lucy, Grey, Erza and Wendy. They haven’t announced which other characters will be playable yet.

The game is going to based on the Grand Magic Games story arc but will also include new bits of story and quests. Intriguingly Koei Tecmo have released a screenshot of Hades, formerly known as Precht the second master of the Fairy Tail guild who first really makes a mark in the Tenrou Island arc set before the Grand Magic Games arc. Will the game feature multiple arcs? Or will he be in one of these brand new scenarios?

You will unlock many of the famous spells from Fairy Tail and even transformations such as when Natsu absorbed Laxus’s thunder magic and many of the non playable characters will appear as assists with only Makarov (the master of Fairy Tail) being announced so far.

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