Download Freeium Arcade Racer Asphalt 9 Now – Release Date October

Gameloft’s incredibly successful and fun free to play arcade racer Asphalt 9 is roaring it’s way to Nintendo Switch on 9th October but you can download it ready to play now.

Barrel role nearly 60 real life super and hyper cars (some will envietably be locked behind pay walls, despite claims that all content can be unlocked in game) in over 800 race events through 60 seasons of single player career mode across over 40 tracks. Gameloft have jammed an awful lot into this freeium game, you can play the entire game without paying a penny there will just be a bit of grinding and limit car selection though I’m sure there’ll still be more cars available than other arcade racers.

You can split screen up to 4 player and online multiplayer up to 8 player and as this is a free to download game you don’t need a Nintendo online subscription to play.

You can customise your cars including paint jobs and brake disc colours and there’s a Switch paint job BMW to unlock.

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