Dragon Quest Monsters Classic is Breeding its Way to Switch

When I was a wee lass and Pokémon Red and Blue craze was just beginning to dip a friend said I have this game that’s like Pokémon but even better. Flabbergasted I did what any sane 12 year old would and went and downloaded a copy to try out on my PC (because we thought it was perfectly legal to have a rom for 24 hours). It was incredible, I bought Dragon Warrior Monsters (legal issues with the Dragon Quest name) as soon as I could and have been a huge fan ever since.

Now that same Gameboy Colour enhanced game is coming to Switch, with only a Japanese release announced so far but with the original trilogy of Dragon Quest games coming to Switch with Dragon Quest XI there’s hope that Enix’s first monster breeding game will also come West. It’s just a shame we missed out on the excellent remasters of Dragon Quest Monsters I and II on 3Ds after the equally incredible remasters of Dragon Quest VII and VIII did make it overseas.

Dragon Quest Monster Terry’s Wonderland Classic is available on the eShop in Japan for 1,620 yen (£12).

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