GRID Autosport Review – The Best Accessibility Options and Racing Game on Switch

Hallelujah for analogue acceleration.

A last gen remaster and port of a mobile game is now the best racing game on Switch with some of the best accessibility options ever. While the racing genre offerings on Switch are few and far between it doesn’t change the fact that Feral Interactive have done an absolutely astounding job with the remaster of GRID Autosport. The most intimidating part of the game is choosing how you’re going to play.

The replays look incredible.

The main mode in GRID Autosport is career, where you start at the bottom of 5 disciplines of Motorsport: Touring cars, Endurance, Open wheel, Tuner and Street with a total of 48 short championships. In Autosport you get offered drives for other teams rather than making your own as in the original GRID. There’s 21 extra short championships across Drag, Classic touring and Sprint races. For a realistic racing game GRID Autosport features a ludicrous amount of different race types; 9 in all, ranging from your classic races to eliminator races to demolition derby races.

There’s no way they aren’t going to crash.

Now let’s get into the best bit and what really sets GRID Autosport apart; the options. Who would’ve thought? It would mean nothing without fantastic gameplay though, which I can safely say is easily the best in any racing game on the Switch. To start with do you want digital or analogue steering and acceleration with buttons or analogue sticks respectively (yes the digital controls are actually fine, again who would’ve thought?). You can also make your own control scheme with any button as any action, want to be a madman and accelerate with the minus button? That’s fine go right ahead. Now do you want motion controls or not? With the gyro working amazingly and being fully customisable; change the sensitivity, the middle (starting point), the deadzone and make small movements less sensitive if you want. If you use gyro controls handheld you can even set whether the camera tilts with the system or not and how far it tilts. Finally and great for accessibility and small children do you want auto accelerate? But wait there’s more you can choose the type of rumble from HD and original and set the strength, the rumble is amazing by the way giving you the feeling of being on the edge of adhesion with harder handling settings. 

THe rumble really helps in drift events.

That’s not all folks for options as now we have to set the difficulty. GRID comes with 5 preset difficulties and you can turn on an extra 50% in career mode if you want to race through it. Now if you want to set your own difficulty, you’re in for a treat so tasty you might be stocky by the end. You can set damage the on or cosmetic. Choose between 5 AI difficulties. Set career race length from normal (about 5 minutes races perfect for the Switch), X2, X3 and X5. HUD on or off. Racing line on, corners or off. 0-5 or unlimited flashbacks. Free or locked interior camera. Automatic or manual gears. Traction control to stop wheel spin. ABS to stop brakes locking. Stability control to slow the car down if you’re about to spin. Lastly there’s 5 different handling models; arcade, arcade pro, balanced, simulation and simulation pro.

Screen tilt playing handheld is actually really good.

With the sheer insane amount of options available, GRID Autosport offers a tailored experience regardless of your preference in racing games. Whatever your handling model choice the cars control fantastically and far better than I remember the PS3 version back in the day. Every car feels fast with things like the Zondas feeling more like rocket ships than sports cars.

The Mazda Furai is an amazing handling beast.

Rewinds are a godsend when playing using the hardest handling settings as often I found AI cars would accelerate quicker than me so I shorten the gear ratios, I also love the motion controls as they are some of the best ever in a racing game (just remember to hold your controller perfectly upright at a slightly awkward 90° angle). My favourite settings result in even a Subaru BRZ, a car that’s simply pedestrian in other racing games swapping ends with the lightest of touches from the go pedal (thank you again Feral Interactive for analogue acceleration). 

Yeah… might need to rewind this one.

Feral Interactive aren’t rushing out the gate with shoddy online multiplayer, they have instead decided to wait until it’s ready to launch the much sort after game mode in Nintendo games. I expect that when online launches the game will be as polished and smooth as the rest of the game.

There will be a HD texture pack coming out for the game’s release.

The myriad of options don’t stop there, as GRID Autosport has 3 different graphics modes. Graphics mode with 30fps, performance mode with 60fps and battery saver with reduced graphics and 30fps. All the settings look good with graphics mode having more reflections, brake discs, car numbers, improved clarity of the picture and details of the crowd. 

Rubbing is racing they say.

Just like the rest of the game there’s more sound options than I’ve ever seen in a game before. You can pick small speakers, large speakers or headphones and dynamic range for low or high volumes, then there’s your usual sound levels. When playing, the Switch has never had such a fantastic roar come from its little speakers with each car sounding unique. You hear satisfying tyres squealing, brakes locking and wheels spinning as you go about your business to become the best multi discipline racing driver in existence.

How am I going to avoid this?

When I first saw the price of £29.99 for GRID Autosport, a port of not even the best GRID PS3 game, I scoffed. But after playing for just 10 minutes it all made sense. You won’t find anything like this on Switch, it looks and to me plays a league above its PS3 counterpart. The accessibility and control options are unrivaled in any racing game let alone Switch games. If you want a racing game on Switch, look no further because I’d honestly be surprised if a better realistic racing game hits the console any time soon.

There’s some pretty extreme rubber banding but oddly only between the AI themselves, that’s why last has the fastest lap but I had a 2 second gap to 2nd place.

A huge thank you to Feral Interactive for providing the review code. GRID Autosport is available digitally on the eShop 19th September for £29.99/$34.99/€34.99.

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