All The New Blazblue Cross Tag Season 2.0 DLC Characters Announced (All 9 on Switch)

Arc System Works have just live streamed the remaining 5 DLC characters coming to season 2.0 of Blazblue Cross Tag bringing the total to 9 new DLC characters. Plus they gave some more details on the 4 already announced.

Let’s go through all 9 then. We have everybody’s favourite velvet room attendant from Persona 3 and Persona 4 Arena: Elizabeth.

Blazblue are getting 2 new DLC characters, the first of which is Susano’o from when Terumi steals Hakumen’s super suit.

The blast from the past with her giant marionette to protect her is joining the fray: Celica.

From Under Night In-Birth comes the leader of Amnesia and secondary antagonist of the series: Hilda.

The final newly announced character hailing from Persona 4 is the lovable goofy cop; or is he? Adachi.

Arc System Works also have more details on the 4 previously announced characters and then demonstrated from fights using all the 9 new characters. You can watch the whole stream below and as a reminder the 4 previously announced characters are:

The silent assassin from RWBY: Neo Politan.

The main character from his own fighting game and a guest character in Under Night In-Birth: Akatsuki.

Everybody’s favourite tank from Akatsuki Blitzcampf: Blitztank

Finally the sole entrant from the Senran Kagura games: Yumi.

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