Untitled Goose Game Switch Review

Tip top tomfoolery

There’s only one thing for a goose on the loose to do in a small village: unadulterated shenanigans. Untitled Goose Game by House House is an absolute pure gaming joy in its simplest form as you play as a goose roaming a village causing high jinks.


It’s like animal crossing all over again albeit in a super condensed short and sweet form as Untitled Goose Game makes things that should be tedious and repetitive such as setting a table extremely fun and joyful experiences, not only for those playing, but those watching too. Other tasks are just an outright barrel of laughs, for instance, chasing a boy around and making him lock himself in a phone booth to hide from the big bad goose.


You start out in an area of a village and have a to-do list of mischievous actions, once you’ve completed 5 of your 6 dastardly deeds you unlock an extra quest which will unlock the next of the 4 areas upon completion, until you have the entire village at the mercy of your carefree antics and some extra much harder tasks to complete.

Patience is a virtue

Metal Gear Goose.

Take a gander around the area and try to work out how in blue blazes you’ll accomplish your reign of terror, using stealth skills even Solid Snake would be proud of and waiting for the perfect time to strike. It generally seems obvious once you’ve worked it out but before that many tasks seem like a mystery fit for Sherlock Holmes. Your main tools at your disposal are grabbing things with your beak and honking to attract attention. This might sound limiting but it’s amazing what a goose can achieve with those two simple tools.

Smug face.

I despise teabagging in games, I think it’s stupid, disrespectful and just really not funny, but there’s few things more satisfying in life than flapping your wings, spinning in a circle and honking to your heart’s content after solving a hard task on your to-do list or unlocking the next area to go wreak havoc in. 

Yes, I know I’m great.

Untitled Goose Game features timeless low poly graphics with little detail in the art work, the detail comes from the way in which the characters move and interact with the environment making it easy to tell what an NPC is concentrating on thanks to a thought bubble. The art style fits perfectly with the nature of this goose Vs the world simulator. 

You can change the writing to an easier to read font.

Mischievous piano soundtrack is perfect, it comes and goes, playing out perfectly just as you’re at the height of your high jinks. The sound effects are simple and effective, you’ll be hearing the pitter-patter of your own footsteps, the paper sound of your to-do list being crossed off, fences opening and closing, glasses smashing, plates dropping, disgruntled moans of villagers, bird song in the background, all the usual village noises.

How rude.

The value of this few hours long game comes down to whether you value longevity or outright sheer joy. Untitled Goose Game is a game I will 100% come back and play again, especially as it’s so much fun to toy with your puny human prey as an all powerful goose like a cat toying with a mouse (only you don’t actually kill or eat any villagers). By now you will probably have a good idea if Untitled Goose Game is for you. If in the back of your mind you know it’s something you’ll enjoy, all I can say is don’t watch let’s plays ruining your lightbulb moments of figuring out how to solve the puzzles, just go buy it.

Untitled Goose Game is available now digitally on the Nintendo eShop for £17.99/$19.99/€19.99. A huge thank you to Panic Inc. and House House for the review code.

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