Summer Vibes DLC Review for Horizon Chase Turbo

Summer might be over but the Switch’s best arcade racer has you covered with the Summer Vibes DLC. Bringing 12 remixed tracks to playthrough in a short career mode while driving a tribute to the car that started it all: the Ferrari Testarossa. 

Sometimes classic really is best.

Summer Vibes is a straightforward affair, finish each race 3rd or higher and move onto the next occasionally unlocking a colour scheme for the car and having an extra upgrade each race gradually upping the speed of play. Everything is the same game you know and love. 


If you need a reason to jump back into Horizon Chase Turbo this is it. Although the DLC only takes 30 minutes to complete it reminded me how much I adore the game and how much I’m looking forward to the future DLC that’ll contain a new game mode. 

Look at me ma!

£1.79/$1.99 really doesn’t break the bank, even if an additional Summer Vibes Endurance mode would’ve made it much better value for money. I still loved every minute I was playing. 

Summer Vibes DLC for Horizon Chase Turbo is available now in two versions, one for physical copies and one for digital copies via the eShop for £1.79/$1.99. A huge thank you to Aquiris for providing the review code

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