Skullgirls 2nd Encore Finally has a Release Date on Nintendo Switch

Skullgirls has quite the histroy, originally releasing on PS3 way back in 2012 developed by Lab Zero then having massive problems with the publisher, Encore and then 2nd Encore released later. While 2nd Encore can be played handheld it has never been on a Nintendo system until now, well 22nd October for £19.99.

Skullgirls is a beautiful 2D team (if you want, choose 1-3 characters) fighting game with comic book style graphics and 14 extremely unique characters who all play very differently to each other but share the same simple revolver combo system; low and standing attacks chain into each other and light, medium, heavy chain into each other, most characters then have a heavy launcher, you jump up with your oppenent carry on attacking in the air then spike them down and start over. But Skullgirls has a great system that limits combo times so there’s huge combos but no infinites.

I already own Skullgirls on three other systems but it is good enough that I’m extremely excited to own it on Switch too and I’m not the only one at NintendoScene who has that love for Lab Zero and Skullgirls.

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