Cat Quest II Switch Review: The Purr-fect Sequel?

The pawer of fur-riendship

Cat Quest II is a simply meowgical nostalgic return to Felingard, but if you’ve played the original you probably already knew it would be. If you liked Cat Quest forget this review and just go buy Cat Quest II you won’t regret it. For those uninitiated in the charming ways of Cat Quest it is a 2D isometric open world action RPG full of puns and cute cats, and now dogs too.

So it was Pundora’s box all along.

The land of Felingard is once again in grave danger as the kings of both Felingard and the brand new dog filled Kingdom of Lupus have been tainted by a mysterious being caring about nothing but destroying each other. You play as two kings of old, a cat and a dog as you complete quests to save the land. 

About as evil as you can look.

The gameplay is simple and an absolute joy to play, you attack, use magic and roll away from various enemies who also do the same, collect different helmets, armour and weapons. With a similar gameplay loop to the original, in that you spend your time helping villagers by delving into caves and wooflessly murdering all monsters in sight for various reasons, as well as progressing the main story which generally consists of the same thing.

Dragon slaying time.

Now let’s get onto the best bit; what’s new in Cat Quest II. First up and most importantly there’s multiplayer! And it’s pawsome with drop in multiplayer or the second king being CPU controlled. When playing single player you can set up the equipment and magic for each king separately then switch between them at the press of a button but multiplayer really is where Cat Quest II shines brightest. I played with a friend who usually doesn’t love games like this and we had a blast.

When one dies just stand over them to magical revive them.

I didn’t think it was possible but there’s more puns in Cat Quest II with puns being almost written into the language itself. An ameowzing new feature are the staves that shoot long range magical attacks, each type of magic fires a different kind of magical ball, some fire two, some fire speedy magic and so on. But when using staves you get your life sliced right down to compensate for crazy range. Enemies can be weak or strong against magic in general and different types of magic so you need to switch between weapon types. The only problem with staves early on is that the CPU is less useful than a litter tray full of poop with them, as they just run in head first like a Labrador that’s being offered a roast chicken stuffed with TNT and get themselves killed. However further into the game it seemed to swap and suddenly the CPU actually did a better job with the staff and was skilled at staying clear of damage in the chaotic melees of physical and magic attacks . You unlock abilities such as the ‘pawer roll’, dealing damage by rolling into enemies. Equipment can have bonus attributes such as boosting particular spells or increasing dodge roll distance. You can fast travel at the Kingsmarkers that are dotted around the map. Kit can now upgrade armour and new character Hotto Doggo (who I absolutely adore and is by far my favourite character in the game) upgrades weapons. Not every change is positive though as there are no fish or monsters lurking in the water making travelling to all the little islands feel more tiresome than in the first game. On the whole there’s more than enough to warrant a return to Felingard.

Taking on a level 100 took a long time.

In Cat Quest you can choose whether to just complete the main storyline or do a whole lot of side quests along the way, sort of allowing yourself to make your own difficulty depending on how many side quests you complete. In the main story you very quickly find yourself crossing from the familiar Felingard to the brand new Kingdom of Lupus: land of the doggos. 

I don’t think I want to equip this.

My biggest problem with playing Cat Quest II for review is that the game is such a joy to play that I’d much rather savour the experience like a chocolate liqueur rather than gulp down a Cat Quest II flavoured cider.

You speak the wisest of words great Hotto Doggo.

I love the art style of Cat Quest, everything looks cute and friendly, even the little enemy dragons you’d rather tame and keep as a pet than brutally butcher (in the cutest possible way) with a giant mace. Gentlebros have done an amazing job at creating controlled chaos as battles are extremely hectic but there’s visual warnings of impending doom and time for you to dodge roll to safety.

The writing is genius.

The soundtrack is just perfect, you feel from the outset that you’re on an epic quest as you adventure across the lands and attacks sound weighty and powerful, these former kings aren’t to be messed with.

There’s a lot of pop references.

Almost everything about Cat Quest II is a massive improvement on an already incredible original and I can happily recommend it to any fan of 2D action RPGs especially if you like cats and dogs. Cat Quest II took me just under 10 hours but I still have some side quests to do and caves to explore which I think is great value for money, no there isn’t new game plus yet but that came in an update for the original rather than being available at launch as well. All in all Cat Quest II is just an absolute joy that you just don’t get to experience elsewhere in modern gaming.

Yes, I enjoyed it very much thank you.

Cat Quest II is available digitally on the eShop 24th October for £12.99/$14.99/€14.99. A huge thank you to PQube for providing the review code.

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