Porsche Pack DLC Review for Gear.Club 2: One of the Best DLCs Ever!

It’s the final race of the Porsche series, I’m 1 point down starting in 2nd; it’s do or die. In one of the most thrilling races I’ve ever experienced in a video game there were 5 different leaders across the 7 minute race. I led into the last corner with the championship leader diving up the inside of me. You’re not going to get arcade racing action as close and tense as this anywhere else.

The brand new 2019 Porsche 911.

The new Porsche Edition Pack DLC for Gear.Club Unlimited 2 is one of best value DLCs ever at £1.79 coming with 3 new Porsches and 3 new uber hard championships each consisting of 6 3-7 minute long races. There’s no eliminator or time trials these are straight up hardcore arcade racing championships. You also get all previously released DLC including 12 special liveried cars and some sticker packs. There’s also a physical Porsche Edition which features the whole Gear.Club 2 game plus the Porsche DLC, our review of the base game can be found here.

This DLC is ridiculous value with all previous DLC and much more.

You get lent cars so you can’t buy your way to victory like in the rest of the game. You start each championship with the basic non upgraded car that despite being a super car feels like a screaming pile of horse… poop, that is compared to the upgraded beauties unlocked for the following season for finishing up the championship table. 10th, 7th and 4th overall give various upgrades to your car. When you win the championship you move onto the next one.

Getting a nice fast car for next season.

This is a real challenge and you’ll have to smooth as melted butter on toast if you want to win, no more constantly slamming into walls to avoid braking hard this time round. The difficulty gives you the sense of being a racing legend when you win one of the championships off the bat without the need for a second season in an upgraded car. In the final championship even 7th first time round was an epic struggle and there wasn’t a single championship I won more than 3 of the 6 six races.

The racing is so close.

There’s definitely some serious rubber banding going on but in the best possible way to keep everything a massive challenge, in an upgraded car one race I was 6 seconds quicker than the first time in the bog standard car yet only improved from 5th that race to 3rd, my previous time would’ve left me 12th and last by some margin. It is made a bit easier by the CPU oddly slowing down a bit towards the end of the race which I suppose is a prize for you hanging onto to their insane speed the whole race but rather than making your way to the lead it’s usually just leaves you tantalisingly close.

Challenge complete, and before I even knew about it.

When it’s all said and done and you’ve won all 3 championships, which will take you a good 3 hours anyway you unlock the season challenge mode where you can reset any of the championships in order to try and win them on fewer seasons, this is how you really complete the Porsche series (you don’t have to win every race, thank you Eden games!). You already have your results from the first play through and I found that doing it in 5 seasons I had already completed it. But you also unlock the legendary classic 911 turbo type 930 and 8 new races exclusively for it. Unfortunately compared the 911 GT2 RS you’ve just been using it feels like a wheelbarrow and the races are so hard that even with turning on some traction control I couldn’t win one. 

Yea boi.

Gear.Club 2’s Porsche DLC is one of my favourite DLCs ever adding 3 incredibly tense, challenging and most importantly fun championships, even if you own Gear.Club 2 and got bored before the end go buy this you won’t regret it! As a final side note I did win that final crucial race by 0.04 seconds with 3rd being a further 0.13 seconds back, this is some super close stuff you won’t find in many other places in racing games across platforms and definitely not in an arcade game.

There is a bit of story but you don’t care, the funny thing here is Barron came 6th in the championship.

A huge thank you to Microids for providing the review code. The Porsche Edition Pack DLC for Gear.Club Unlimited 2 is available now on the eShop for £1.79. As well as a physical Porsche Edition Gear.Club Unlimited 2 that is also available now.

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