Bee Simulator Nintendo Switch Review

Bee Simulator isn’t a simulator in your traditional sense, this is a game where you play as a bee out to save the tree that you call home, tucked away in a corner of New York’s Central Park. 

Flying around is a joy to behold in Bee Simulator, it was the experience I never knew I needed in my life as I’d happily fly around Central Park merrily popping balloons that are scattered about and stinging people as an indestructible bee of ultimate mild annoyance. One of my favourite moments was when I actually flew into some glass, it really easier to do than it looks.

You first get your bee wings inside your Doctor Who’s TARDIS of a hive learning your goal in life as a honey bee to collect nectar. You have a special ability to help with this allowing you go into bee vision and see the quality of nectar while you whizz about.

This a game for the whole family with easy and hard mode actually containing different styles of gameplay for the included mini games, such as the battle with the heinous wasps; on easy it’s a basic rhythm game pressing  ‘X’ or ‘Y’ at the right time and super mega easy, on hard it’s more akin to For Honor lite with attacks and blocks needing to be in the correct direction.

As well as the short story there are challenge side missions littered about the place being one of race, dance (bees do a waggle dance to tell each other where all the best pollen is), fight, stinging and gathering particular types of pollen. These help keep the game fresh and give more incentive to fly around exploring the park as you’ll encounter challenges as you go. 

You learn so much about bees as you play through as every loading screen contains a bee fact.

Difficulty spikes with some of the races in story mode completely change the chilled out, relaxing fly round Central Park to controller throwing frustration as you have to control your bee at high speeds in tight spaces with so many restrictions. Even turning the difficulty to easy doesn’t help enough to stop some races from being infuriating when the rest of the game is a breeze on hard. I also have no idea when the game saves as side missions would reappear when I’d next play the game after finishing some.

I love that the voices echo when in the bee hive but it would’ve been really cool if they voice acted the excellent default name; Beescuit, but the rest of the voice acting is emotive and adds an anthropomorphic flare to this new take on New York’s Central Park. The soundtrack is extraordinarily pleasant with a hint of mischief in places that fits absolutely perfectly with the chilled nature of Bee Simulator.

The graphics are fine but by no means impressive I like the way the bee looks but almost everything else doesn’t look fantastic.

Bee Simulator is almost an absolutely unique enjoyable adventure suitable for the whole family with its radically different difficulty levels but it falls down on those pesky races to progress the story. If you yearn to be free as a bee, happily collect pollen and fly around a park and can put up with the repeated attempts at the races then Bee Simulator will not disappoint.

A huge thank you to Bigben Entertainment for providing the review code. Bee Simulator is available now both physically and digitally on the eShop for £34.99/$39.99/€39.99.

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