5 Fantastic amiibo from 2019

With the Dark Samus and Richter amiibo just round the corner, I’d like to highlight what I think are some fantastic amiibo releases from the year just gone. This isn’t a recipe blog, so let’s get started right away.


King K. Rool amiibo

If it’s textures you want, it’s textures you’ll get, and for me that’s what really makes this amiibo stand out. King K. Rool is peak 90s anthro platforming bait, with his cartoonish silhouette and expressive pose. A rotund scaly lad sporting some fancy accessories; this figure is decorated with a billowing cape, massive gnashers, bold and gold blocks of color, and a wacky look- all topped off with a wee crown. His cape sports a faded red; a great contrast to both his tough-looking scaly skin and the blue gem perched on his sternum (do crocodiles have sternums?). A lovely gold print decorates the billowing, tattered fabric, delicately printed on a smoother, raised area. Fine blood vessels in his eye make his menacing expression pop, and the chunky teeth really compliment the subtle and sassy gestures. Unfortunately all of this depth does highlight the lack of, namely the block color in the crown and cuffs, but it’s not a deal breaker as far as I’m concerned. The King K. Rool amiibo is a fine example of one of Nintendo’s chunkier amiibo, demonstrating simplicity doesn’t always have to lack detail.


Ice Climbers amiibo

The Ice Climber game makes me want to slather my eyeballs with hot sauce, but the Ice Climbers amiibo brings me an innocent joy with their chunky

cartoon style and pastel colors. Popo and Nana display their cute charm and cool power with dynamic movement, brawny hammers, and your standard background glacier to finish the look. Despite their squashed proportions, Ice Climbers don’t hold back in their expression; this is conveyed with subtle details like their weight resting on the edge of a foot, knees plunging down to hit the tip of their toes, ripples in fabric, and their coat fastenings swirling out from the hefty movement of their hammers. The glacier behind Ice Climbers is a frosty blue, with a multitude of varying depths which adds to the look, and is finished with a frosty tip. This addition might have looked nicer in a translucent cast, but I’d imagine it was chosen to be opaque to cover the mountings and allow for the action-packed pose we see in the final piece. As a last word, the faces of the Ice Climbers amiibo are utterly terrifying, but they are true to the source material, and printed on very well regardless. I would just prefer to see those faces as little as possible.

Simon amiibo

It bothers me that the hench, masc, bulkier bloke of the Castlevania duo isn’t the one called Richter- as media naming conventions have taught me the Fire-Emblem-looking blue twink would typically be called Simon- but that’s not why we’re here. One of my favorite things about this amiibo is the varying layers of thickness featured, primarily, in the fabric. Simon’s amiibo is adorned with faithfully crafted leathers, interwoven with hefty armor and chunky fur. There’re all kinds of bumps and ridges to be found across this chunky lad, fastenings and pointy pelts decorating hefty fabrics and sturdy armor, alongside buckles, braces, tiaras, and straps. Where I find the Simon amiibo to truly shine is the Vampire Killer aka his Holy Whip; an ensemble of metal chained together, topped off with a lethal spiked ball. I’ve mentioned previously how Nintendo’s continued improvement of amiibo persists in blowing me away, and the Vampire Killer is another great example. Simon’s sturdy stance and minimal support stands on the base make for a solid balance, allowing the whip to be sculpted in a near free-flowing manner; a tighter loop at the base and end, alongside a quick pit-stop to his thick wrist makes for a great illusion of suspension. As a final cherry on the cake (you spoil us, Nintendo), Simon’s visage is free from the dreaded Ike-face- a problem that seems almost completely extinct at this point. Instead, a detailed sculpt sits beneath his fetching tiara (which is well detailed in of itself), deep wrinkles and a raised profile surrounded by thick blond waves really set in stone this powerhouse amiibo.


Young Link amiibo

Back in the day, obtaining such a wonderful quality figure of Ocarina of Time Link where I’m from would be extremely rare. To think such a dynamic and accurate sculpt is now on the shelves at such a good price, alongside a whole other array of beautifully rendered Zelda figures of similar function, is magnificent. The Young Link amiibo is yet another smashing addition to Nintendo’s quirky interactive figure line, and one of the most solid ones at that. The pose is fluid, sturdy, action-packed from nearly every angle. His deep emerald tunic billows and ripples between broad waves and ruffled pinches, complimenting the movement and adding a wonderful layer of realism. His hair is intricate, golden tones gradient across tiny strands and bulkier feathers, subtle layering nodding towards the original design. His gear; the Deku Shield, and Kokiri Sword (and its respective scabbard) are proportioned to look intimidating enough, but still showcase they’re ultimately a child’s weapons. The depth contrast between the printed symbol and splintered edges of the Deku Shield is decorated by a wood grain pattern that decorates the back too. The simplistic leather and cloth wraps meet indented, bolted metal to create weapons that are simple in structure but detailed enough to avoid looking bland. Link’s expression is fierce and, like Simon, free from Ike-face. I’m staggered a figure of this quality exists for the price it does, and in my opinion the Smash Bros. Ultimate Young Link amiibo is one of the best Zelda amiibo out there.


Piranha Plant amiibo

While I too mourn the continued segregation of Waluigi in Smash, I utterly adore Piranha Plant, and I adore how creatively Nintendo implemented the various design iterations into the Smash version. The Piranha Plant amiibo is one of the best amiibo I’ve ever seen; at first glance it looks fantastic, but upon further inspection I can really appreciate just how fantastically it’s done. The look is so authentic it could easily pass as standard Mario merchandise, but subtle details mirror the Smash counterpart in the sharp edges and depth of textures. An excellent weight variety creates a comprehensive silhouette and an iconic look from nearly every angle. The subtle gloss of the tongue contrasts with the matte flesh and grainy pot, and if you dare to look inside his mouth you’ll see the upper side sporting a wonderfully-disgusting set of gums. His chunky teeth are hidden away enough for them to be sculpted sharper than something that’d be more in the open- which really completes the weird look of this antisocial vegetable. Speaking of spikes, his leaves are surprisingly faithful to his in-game look, seeming almost dangerously sharp, and his stem sports the same embossing you’d find on many real-life plant counterparts. His intense coloring is complimented by some precise printed patterns, and to finish it all off is that little dip at the base of his plant pot. The Piranha Plant amiibo truly is one of my favorite amiibo ever created. Were you to ask whether I’d enter into a civil partnership with this figure I’d respond with; what the hell is wrong with you also how did you get into my house.

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