My Hero One's Justice 2 Switch Review – Ultra Superhero Action

My Hero One’s Justice 2 (OJ2) is the second My Hero Academia game and is a 1 on 1 3D arena fighter. Based on the manga that is set in a world where 80% of the population have quirks (super powers) and now heroes fight to keep the public safe from villains.

Assist characters are handy for stopping combos.

The story starts at the end of All Might’s fight with All For One so unless you watch/read the series, you’ll be pretty clueless. It progresses to follow the provisional license and Overhaul arcs, ending in an epic giant fight with a beastly Overhaul, you then get to see the story from the villains’ point of view which is an interesting and welcome part of story mode. The story is told through short comic book style scenes but is just a recap, which was nostalgic for me to play through but unless you’ve seen it before you’ll have no idea what’s going on. Luckily the action is insanely fun and simple enough anyone can pick up OJ2 and enjoy it. 

Combos are nice and easy.

By default OJ2 is set up so you can hammer light attack to get a decent combo out but there is also a manual combo mode that allows for far more creativity and damage with the combos. Most characters then have 4 unique quirk attacks by pressing X or A and a direction with those buttons. There’s 2 supers performed by pressing R+X or R+A and you pick 2 assist characters. It’s all very simple and once you get used to how OJ2 plays you’ll be dashing and dodging around in no time as this is a perfect pick up and play game.

Oh how YoarashI would’ve loved to do that when they first met.

Although in a 3D space instead of 2D OJ2 actually plays out a lot like Pokken Tournament as it’s got a rock paper scissors style that flashes up different colours. Normal and quirk (no colour) attacks beat unblockable (red) attacks, as long as you get them out fast enough, unblockable attacks beat counter (yellow) attacks and counter attacks beat normal and quirk attacks. New to OJ2 is dodging and a guard meter this creates more strategy as block and counter isn’t so reliable now, you have to time your dodges as well.

A Plus Ultra roster list.

The damage scaling system allows anyone to be dangerous as performing your super moves at the end of a big combo and after two light punches has a surprisingly light difference in overall damage. This is great for a casual game as you do have an advantage by learning more advanced combos but a casual player who just times their blocks and supers well will be able to compete. Even if you do want to learn to do manual combos, you can do simple effective combos such as Y,Y,direction+Y,A,A,A, but also you can dash cancel for bigger combos.

Flashing yellow for a counter.

There’s no shortage of characters as the roster is now up to 40 and most people’s favourite will be included, sadly Gentle Criminal but there’s already a season pass so soon we can likely drink tea like the best of them. Although each character only has a few moves because of the distinctive quirks they have very few play anything like the others. Even the play styles differ greatly, such as Midoriya who’s a rush down character, you need to get in close with fast attacks and he can react to seeing a lot of other characters turn yellow starting a counter attack and either unleash his own counter or super attack before your foes connects. Then there’s characters like the new to OJ2 and part of UA’s Big 3: Nejire. She excels at mid range attacks and uses her wave quirk to quickly close the distance. My favourite new addition has to be rolling around as a clam as Tamaki (Suneater).

You constantly unlock bits for your profile.

OJ2 has the usual slew of game modes including story mode that consists of single round fights and is lengthy enough it’ll take a good few hours to work through. I found it a fun recap of the My Hero Academia story. Arcade mode has 3 difficulties each with 6 best of 3 rounds. There’s a faux survival mode in mission mode where each mission has a few fights with no health recovery but the interesting thing here are the RPG elements thrown in, you use points earnt through all modes to hire characters which then level up, you also unlock cards for bonuses such as a small health recovery for finishing with a super. Then there’s the usual free play (including a really cool 4 player mode with players 3 and 4 controlling the assist characters), online that has ranked and unranked battles that play very smoothly from my experience and a comprehensive training mode.

Pick a card any card.

One mode I love in fighting games is character customisation and in OJ2 there’s a good one. You unlock a lot of red items if that’s your thing through story mode but then can buy various base outfits such as their sports wear, school uniforms and even the dance costumes we’ve barely seen in the anime. Then you equip one item to each body part.

Gotta the love the mini Mineta clinging to her leg.

The love put into OJ2 is clear from the outset in little details such as Lemillions cloak being ripped off on his character model during the fight with Overhaul in story mode. Even the main menu has various characters narrate the different modes in their own unique ways.

Some character combinations have special entrances.

OJ2 is a beautiful game that oozes style and really looks and feels like you’re playing an anime. That added to the memorable locations with destructible environments, the super amazing looking move sets and combos, the awesome amount of character customisation and the dapper visual presentation and your eyes will be delighted throughout your entire playtime.

The artsyle is just perfect.

All the characters are voiced by their real voice actors so the quality here is absolutely fantastic, though it is Japanese only. Present Mix’s over the top announcing is perfect for the frantic action of this game and really adds to the excitement factor. The soundtrack on the other hand is instantly forgettable.

Everyone wants to finish with a super.

If you love fighting games but don’t want to spend hours learning combos then OJ2 is the perfect game for you to still enjoy some frenetic fighting. OJ2 is really one for the fans and an improvement on the original even if it is just a small step. If you held off on the original game now is definitely the time to jump in. 

A huge thank you to Bandai Namco for providing the review code. My Hero One’s Justice 2 is available now both physically and digitally on the eShop for £49.99/$59.99/€69.99.

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