With a Character From ARMS Being Added to Smash, Here Are the Top 5 Most Likely Additions

When it was revealed back in the Nintendo Switch reveal presentation back in 2017, ARMS was the first big brand new first party IP coming to Nintendo Switch. ARMS is a game that uses the unique features of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy Cons to allow players to duke it out in brawls using extendable arms. ARMS launched with a colourful cast of characters and over the course of it’s life received frequent free updates of characters and game modes. When it launched back in June 2017, ARMS went on be a big hit, however, it’s timing left it too late to be included in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Although there are Spirits for ARMS and Mii Fighter costumes and Spring Man appears as an Assist Trophy. The absence of the big new IP from Nintendo was quite noticeable.

However, in a flash Nintendo Direct mini, it was announced that a character from ARMS would be joining the line up of Fighters Pass Vol. 2. And though it wasn’t clear which character would be included from the games entire roster of 15 characters, all we do know is the full reveal is coming in June and in the mean time let’s speculate a little on who could or could not be coming.

Here are my top 5 Characters the I think will be included in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

5. Max Brass

The head of the ARMS League and also known as “The Commish” Max Brass serves as the final boss of the Grand Prix Mode. A Veteran and the greatest champion to have ever competed in ARMS, when reached he is possessed by Hedlok and gains the ability to punch with six arms at once.

Max Brass has the ability to Bulk himself up which makes his punches charged and gives him armour until he gets knocked down. This could be reflected in Smash as moves and characters with armour are already present in the roster like Bowser and certain attacks by Donkey Kong, but Max Brass could differentiate himself by being a real heavy hitter that primarily fights long range. He could also have attacks that incorporate Hedlok into his moveset and his overall playstyle in ARMS isn’t too dissimilar to Spring Man himself so it’s possible he could represent the posterboy of the franchise to make up for the fact Spring Man is already an assist trophy.

4. Mechanica

Mechanica is an ARMS super fan who spent time putting her smarts into action and building her own mech suit of spare parts found at a junk yard to enter the ARMS Grand Prix. Possible legality issues aside, this scrappy young girl has kitted out her mech with extendable arms and a jet pack to keep her bulky scrap metal suit super agile.

Mechanica could use her Mech to open up possible the most variety in gameplay, with her jet pack recovery could be top tier and her use of Revolver and Whammer ARMS she could mix in the more balistic weapon style ARMS with the more standard punches. Also a character inside a mech isn’t an archetype currently featured in Smash and so I think Mechanica would be a perfect opportunity.

3. Ribbon Girl

Revealed in the initial ARMS trailer alongside Spring Man, Ribbon Girl is viewed by many as a secondary “main character.” With her bright pink ribbons, this popular idol is very versatile in ARMS. Ribbon Girl’s average ground movement speed and multiple jumps makes her a real choice for beginners who like to deliver blows from above. Although she already has a Spirit and a Mii Fighter costume in Smash Ultimate already, her notoriety as one of the first characters you see in ARMS make her a good choice.

Ribbon Girls key feature in ARMS is the ability to perform 4 mid air jumps and air dash twice. Her increase aerial mobility combined with her extended reach with her punches could really differentiate her from other ranged characters like Byleth and Corrin who in most cases use their more ranged attacks while on the ground. Ribbon Girl’s design is also very synonymous with ARMS and she was even a popular choice in the games test periods.

2. Min Min

Controversially, Min Min takes the second place in my top 5, but I can explain. Fan favourite Min Min was notable when the game first released as being the only playable character in ARMS who also uses her legs to fight. Min Min is a Chinese Martial Arts expert who fights to promote her families restaurant and when she does, she doesn’t restricted herself to just using her arms, when she dodges from side to side she can parry attacks using her masterful kicks. Her unique design and playstyle made her a quick fan favourite, however, Min Min already has a Spirit in the game. And I am currently a believer that Spirits do de-confirm characters as I find it hard to believe that they will add multiple Spirits for a single character. However, if the the Spirit rule is debunked, then no one is better than Min Min to have a spot in Smash.

Alongside Min Min’s graceful martial arts and deft kicks, Min Min also has her Dragon Arm ability, which gives her the ability to transform her arm into a cool Dragon motif. This would look very cool to see in game and also allow her to throw out charged attacks.

1. Lola Pop

Lola Pop is a DLC character for ARMS added in the version 3.0 update. Lola is a Sweets themed clown who loves pleasing fans and confounding opponents. One of the biggest things leaning towards a Lola Pop inclusion in Smash is the amount of potential and room to breath as a creator she would give the Smash team. One of the big problems from a Super Smash Bros perspective when it comes to including a character from ARMS is coming up with a moveset that allows you to accurately portray the character and the franchise, however ARMS is a game where the primary form of combat is just punching with extendable arms. Lola Pop I believe, solves this issue with her balloon gimmick. In ARMS Lola Pop has the ability to inflate herself and bounce around. In ARMS this is mostly used as a defensive measure, but looking at other balloon like characters in Jigglypuff and even other characters like Dedede and Kirby, there’s quite a lot of ideas you can do with balloons and being able to bounce around. Also, currently Lola Pop has no presence in Smash already, no Spirits, no Mii Fighter Costume and no Assist Trophies. A big point against Lola Pop’s inclusion however is that she’s generally unknown as a character, given that she was a somewhat later addition to the cast, she’s not as well known as other characters like Mechanica, Ribbon Girl or Min Min. Also, a high number of people actually have a fear of clowns, something that was pointed out by the designers of ARMS around the time of her inclusion. However, I find that Lola Pops clown aesthetics would help her stand out even more than her extendable ARMS in Smashes ballooning cast of over 75 characters.

Whoever the first character being added to Fighters Pass Vol. 2 is, ARMS is a great series to be included. A stand out in the Nintendo Switch’s year one line up with a packed cast of great and colourful characters. The Smash team has proven that they can take a great character and push it that little extra and make it shine in the Smash roster and I can’t wait to see what they can do with the characters of ARMS.

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