MotoGP 20 Switch Release Date and Team Management Trailer

Another year, another season of MotoGP… Not quite, we’ve only actually had a Moto 2 and Moto 3 so far just to wet our appetites of what will be a thrilling season later in the year (hopefully). The lack of real world action isn’t stopping Milestone from releasing their latest edition of MotoGP on 23rd April. The problem with yearly releases is they are just minor incremental improvements, aren’t they? No not with MotoGP on Switch, after a slightly lackluster MotoGP 18, developers Milestone really upped the game with MotoGP 19 still only featuring 16 bikes on track and effectively a 9 bike championship but the graphics and gameplay were vastly improved thanks to the amazing neural AI, the gameplay so much so that I would tight racing with positions changing loads of times each lap quite often all while struggling to keep 250hp beasts under my feet.

This year the step in my opinion is another huge one, graphics are good enough, gameplay is epic but also improved with Neural AI 2.0; the AI finally have to manage tyre wear instead of pumping out the same qualifying pace lap times all race. But the now the big change is career mode; enter managerial career.

Now you can make your own team, hire staff, work through a web of upgrades, choose suppliers, edit decals, take part in end of season and mid season tests or just ride for other teams if you don’t want the hassle. Check out the trailer below. Of course the video isn’t from the Switch but we’ll show Switch screens and/or footage as soon as they are available.

Also if you’re a fan of MotoGP don’t forget to watch this Sunday’s virtual race featuring real riders such including both Marquezs, Rossi, Quartararo and Viñales, see the YouTube below.

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