Sky Racket Switch Review – Shump Tennis Brick Breaking Craziness

Ever wondered what would happen if you slapped Parodius, Arkanoid and Super Tennis into a blender to see what comes out? Well that’s exactly what developer Double Dash Studios have concocted for us in Sky Racket. Unsurprisingly its total brick breaking madness.

Everything here is retro to the extreme, from the graphics to the difficulty and even Japanese sounding voice over of “Double Dashu” as the game starts up. The aesthetics, the sound effects and the soundtrack are absolutely perfect for this glorious mash up of legendary retro games into this crazy game.

So how do you play? You fly through space with a jetpack and a tennis racket smacking enemies attacks back at them, the angle you hit the ball at dictates the angle it’ll go, all pretty basic really. The more you hit the balls bouncing around the screen the higher the combo gauge fills and the ball grows in size eventually turning rainbow coloured. You have to eat h for laser type attacks that can’t be volleyed back and you can dodge roll to move faster. Then there’s helper animals that have a few different types. Every level has 5 ‘missions’ being clear the set, don’t get hit plus a few unique ones such as avoid all tanookis. 

The gameplay is crazy and awesome but damn Double Dash have taken that retro difficulty seriously, it’s not so much bullet hell as it is hard to dodge, aim and actually even hit the balls at the same time and most of all just seeing through the chaos to see the bullets you avoid or hit, then quite often you’ll find yourself mistiming a hit and getting hit yourself as a consequence, losing some precious health in the battle to complete the set. It’s nothing the game has actually done wrong though, there’s an amazing game here it just takes some time to adapt to, it has very fine margins that I found easier when I switched to using the analogue stick instead of the D-pad. There is an assist mode but in some mad swing Double Dash decided it needs to be unlocked.

The graphics are a timeless pixel art style and similar to what you probably would’ve eventually seen had 2D been as big on the PSX as they are now. The highlight is the insane enemies such as the sandwich cat; literally a cat made out of a sub sandwich. The soundtrack is fine but not noteworthy, it fits the retro aesthetic.

At the end of the day Sky Racket is a super fun game in my opinion hampered a bit by difficulty, it’s not really a pick up and play with friends game as it’s just too hard for that, like Super Tennis on the SNES you really have to learn how to play before the fun times truly roll.

Thank you to Double Dash for providing the review code. Sky Racket is available now on the Nintendo eShop for £11.39/€14.99/$14.99.

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