Fairy Tail JRPG Guest Characters, Story and Release Date

Today guest characters have been announced for the Gust developed, Koei Tecmo Fairy Tail game. Rather than playable characters these will swoop in, perform an iconic attack and leave again. The assist characters include Arc of Time User,’ Ultear Milkovich, from the Crime Sorcière guild; the ‘Ice-Make Wizard,’ Lyon Vastia, from the Lamia Scale guild; the ‘Burning Hair Wizard,’ Flare Corona, from the Raven Tail guild; and Minerva Orland, ‘Sabertooth Guild’s Finest Lady.’ Watch the trailer for these chatacters below.

The story in this RPG is spread over most of the fan favourite arcs ranging from Tenrou island, the grand magic games (my personal favourite) and in the story trailer (seen below) shows scenes from the Eclipse arc and Tararos arc, showing Grey’s demon slayer form.

Fairy Tail is due for release 26th June on Nintendo Switch and will feature atleast 16 playable characters including Gildarts: Fairy Tail’s strongest wizard. The game will also have the guild hall we all love so much where you can drink with fellow guild mates and get into 1v1 brawls just like in the anime and manga.

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