Catherine: Full Body Nintendo Switch Release Date

Catherine was originally Atlus’s first foray onto the PS3 teased in Persona 3 Portable 10 years ago, where protagonist Vincent had a very minor cameo at the end of the game. Catherine is a mix of puzzle platformer and interactive social visual novel all wrapped up in an adult horror love triangle story. It is thrilling from start to end with fast paced hugely difficult but most importantly fun puzzles, pushing and pulling blocks around in order to climb a tower and escape Vincent’s nightmares.

With multiple choices and endings and a story do good it stood the test of time Atlus decided it was time for an update and launched Catherine: Full Body last year, adding a new love intetest; will you choose Vincent’s long term partner Catherine who’s pressure to get married is freaking Vincent out, the young sexy and mysterious Katherine or the brand new pink haired Qatherine (Rin).

Earlier this year Atlus had great news for Nintendo fans. Catherine: Full Body is coming to Switch. When you ask? The 7th July is the date when it’ll launch both physically and digitally.

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