Save £142 on SNK Gals’ Fighters by Downloading it on Switch

One of the most expensive games you can buy on eBay SNK Gals’ Fighters gas released on the Nintendo Switch eShop. £7.99 sounds like a lot of money for a port of a handheld game on an obscure console made 20years ago, that is until you consider if you want a physical copy on the Neogeo pocket colour it’ll set you back £150. Starring 11 of SNK’s legendary female fighters, quite the roster for a portable title at the time as they have been invited to take part in a fighting tournament by the mysterious Miss X with the prize being the fairly typical one wish. With all the complexities of a console fighter on two buttons with forgiving inputs it’s no surprise SNK Gals’ Fighter is so sought after. Look forward to our review soon, in the meantime check out a gameplay trailer below.

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