Undead and Beyond Switch Review – Zombie Horde Management

Undead & Beyond is one of the strangest games I’ve ever played, it’s sort of a stealth real time management game. You play as Dr Beyond who has decided he wants to turn his research lab full of prisoners that I assume are being experimented on in inhumane ways into a zombie army. I mean why not? 

To do this you kill a few people and turn them into zombies with a magical zombie juice they will then mindlessly roam around attacking all those who aren’t zombies, you know the typical zombie affair. They do however know their place and leave boss man Dr B alone. As your hoard kills more and create more zombies your army levels up allowing them to first infect the pitiful humans they brutally murder and then go through a series of mutations that make them more powerful. 

Why do you need to build a strong zombie army? Well to reach the exit of the level and kill the armed guards that I assume are posted about in case any prisoners try to escape. As you get further into the game these guards have better weapons and you get big beefy guards with rocket launchers. It’s almost like they were ready for Dr Beyond to turn on them.

You can run round and join in the festivities with a club or chainsaw but you’ll spend most of your time reviving your fallen comrades which starts a 10 second timer till they return from the dead and hiding in lockers when the armed officers are about. This is why Undead and Beyond is more a real time management game than strategy. You don’t even see the best action because the armed security can kill you so easily so you just hope your zombies horde together and towards the strongest foes. You also have some nifty tricks up your sleeve as you can collect 4 helpful items that can infect someone on screen, blow up a large area, infect an area of the dead and stun a small area for you to run in and get the glory yourself. 

Your foes don’t really do much until provoked and even then it’s only the soldiers that do anything the scientists and prisoners generally just stand there and let themselves join the rampaging zombie horde. Even your own zombies roam seemingly randomly and you cannot control them in the slightest. 

Levels are short at just under 10 minutes a pop and it’s oddly addictive despite the repetitive nature. I found myself often playing for 30mins or longer when I intended to only play one level for 10mins. This is a game perfectly suited for short bursts.

Each level you start with your army also one level higher so you constantly reach new heights and see new mutations, if you actually manage to catch your zombies in action.

The graphics are those lanky super pixelated 8bit but a much higher resolution as seen in games such as Party Hard. There aren’t enough pixels for characters to have eyes but you can clearly see what’s going on. The levels are bland and samey but it all set in one very suspicious centre where scientists are experimenting on prisoners often in hazmat suits, it’s all quite dark and eerie.

Undead & Beyond is an interesting game because it just isn’t like anything else, it’s a passive experience akin to a zombie horde sim. I love the concept and find it an addictive game but wish that you at least more of the action rather than hiding at the back reviving the dead. 

A huge thank you to Ultimate Games for providing the review code. Undead & Beyond is available now on the Nintendo eShop for £9.89/€10.99/$10.99.

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