Biped Review – Nintendo Switch

From Next Studios, a brilliant, if not a bit short, co-op adventure to play on the go!

To light the beacons, off we go!

It is a dark time, a pandemic has hit the planet and quarantine must be followed. With quarantine comes boredom and what better than a couch co-op game based on puzzles, teamwork and adorable little robots to spice up your evenings?
Biped answers such call to arms. Which is ironic, because the game is completely violence-free, from the beginning to the end.
We guide a little robot through different obstacle courses, in a quest to reactivate beacons in each level, important landmarks for space travels.
The game offers a single player campaign together with a beefy co-op mode, both needed to complete the game 100%.

Left foot. Right foot. Left foot. Right foot.

Solo mode is competent enough to stand on it’s own two feet (no pun intended) but it’s clear the game has been built with multiplayer in mind.
The control scheme is very original and intuitive: each stick controls the respective foot of our robot. Both stick pressed together allow us to skate on specific surfaces, imperative for achieving the time targets for each level.
The devs constantly throw new ideas and gimmicks to the player, each interesting enough to keep the experience refreshing for the whole duration of the game: the whole 3-4 hours it takes to complete the handful of levels comprising solo mode, 5 if we include the few secondary goals, a handful of unlockable secondary outfit don’t help either.

It’s a shame the game is so short. The gameplay is simply amazing.

This is the game’s main problem: solo mode completion locks at 51% and the experience doesn’t last long enough to be fully appreciated.
Co-op mode adds new fuel to the mix and is required to completely finish the game. Each world is re-designed for multiplayer action, introduces two extra “Pro” levels per world and its a blast to play with a friend.

Co-op team to the rescue!

I played co-op mode with my boyfriend and its incredible how much the experience gains by laughing at each other’s errors, a true couch gaming experience old style! This mode introduces an extra “Harmony” rank, based on how many times you and your partner died during the specific co-op challenges. It’s worth mentioning each player can play with a pro controller or a singular joycon. In this case the controls change a bit: We are no longer using the sticks to move our robot but rather alternate the L and R buttons to advance.

Practice makes perfect. (91 deaths, jeez!)

It’s a shame half the fun is locked behind multiplayer options, the game itself its absolutely amazing, presentation is solid, with great animations and just a few hiccups in the frame rate here and there. Audio is also strong, with cheerful and relaxing music accompanying our adventures. Here’s hope the developers add more levels in a future patch.

The game looks and sounds absolutely charming and adorable.

Biped is an amazing experience on switch and a perfect fit for portable play, it just doesn’t last long enough to fully appreciate its potential.

Biped is out now on the Nintendo Eshop, for the discounted price of £11.46, 15% off from the regular price of £13.49.

A big thank you to Next Studios for the review copy.

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