Hotshot Racing (Formerly Racing Apex) Switch Release Date

All the way back when the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 I decided to have a look at what was being developed for the new console. The game that caught my eye was Racing Apex, a low poly 3D arcade racer in the vein of the old Sega classics such as Virtua Racing with the blue skies and fast pace action of Daytona USA and Scud Race. It seemed to be developed by one man Trevor Ley, who created Lucky Mountain Games and it was looking amazing. Fast forward a year and Racing Apex was still looking good with Lucky Mountain Games hoping to get a demo out in the summer and launch later that year. I was excited. Then things fell silent with just the occasional “we’re still here” post from Lucky Mountain Games. Fast forward again to the crazy year of 2020 and good news everyone Sumo Digital; arcade racing game extraordinaires and Curve Digital; publishers of many great indie titles are on board with the name of the game changed to Hotshots Racing. Now we have a release date: 10th September, not long to wait now.

This isn’t just some game that’s been stuck in development he’ll for years but is more akin to the indie greats from a sole developer such as Cave Story and Stardew Valley only the final hurdle has industry veterans who worked on fantastic games such as Outrun 2 and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed are all working together to bring what could be the greatest arcade racing since Outrun 2006 graced the PlayStation 2.

If you don’t believe just check out the release date trailer below.

With 60fps in single player across 16 blue skies tracks, 4 player split screen and 8 player online, multiple game modes including classic championships, drive or explode where you have to stay above a constantly increasing speed or explode and cops vs. robbers with 8 different unique drivers, originally planned to have 4 cars each for a total of 32 different vehicles all based on iconic sports and racing cars. Racing Apex has a hell of a lot to be excited about come 10th September.

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